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Domination: Earth

2.8.6 Earth View fixes and improvements

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Hi all,

Version 2.8.6 is now live on the Play Store; App Store version is expected to become available in the next couple of days.

Featuring a number of Earth View focused changes:

  • Smoother zoom in/out controls.
  • Improved map tile loading responsiveness and fixed intermittent cropping of land circles.
  • Fixes to icon state synchronisation; resource icons should no longer disappear upon pressing "Pick up" unless actually picked up.
  • Further reduced the number of loading spinners and improved icon persistency when switching tabs.
  • "No internet connection" pop up will automatically try to reconnect to the server and disappear upon reestablishing the connection without having to press "Try again" manually.

Please post if you have any questions.

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We have run into a delay with the App Store release due to a missing Privacy Policy section; it has been requested by Apple that we provide users with notice about using your in-game data on the leaderboards visible to other players.

Our Privacy Policy has been updated accordingly and can be found at the following URL:

We are now awaiting further review by Apple.

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