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Domination: Earth

2.8.11 Miscellaneous Fixes

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Hi all,

Version 2.8.11 is live on the Play Store and will appear on the App Store soon.
Containing a number of fixes and features partially rolled out to Android earlier for testing since version 2.8.6:

  • (iOS only) Fixed Unobtainium purchases; billing system should once again be active as of this version.
  • Added the "Hide lands older than" and "Land display radius" switches onto Earth View's "Map Filters" UI.
  • Added a new profile setting labelled "Load map tiles faster" (disabled by default).
    Switching this feature on will actively load map tiles while you're panning the Earth View camera or zooming in/out.
    Keeping it disabled means that the map tiles load only when the screen isn't touched (i.e. after panning the view sideways you need to let go of the screen for the new map area to become visible).
    This feature is disabled by default as enabling it causes extra load on the game engine and slowdowns in map movement were reported on some devices.
  • Optimized visual assets and building markers. "Domination: Earth" installer reduced in size from 60MB+ to approx. 20MB.
    Optimized assets improve rendering performance in large quantities as well and consume less memory.
  • "No internet connection" message on Earth View no longer occupies the entire middle section of the screen.
    Loss of connectivity will now trigger a discreet non-blocking notification bar at the bottom of Earth View that will automatically reconnect to the game server once the internet connection is restored (pressing "try again" manually is not required).
  • Fixed skill attribute icons not rendering on some devices.
  • Fixed land markers disappearing after performing an attack using Guard Towers, Missile Launchers etc.
  • Fixed non-responsive "submit" and "cancel" buttons during drone, building and utility structure placement.

Please post if you have any questions or feedback.

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