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Domination: Earth

2.9 Coming Soon

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Hi all,

We are preparing for the release of version 2.9 which has been delayed by a number of reasons beyond our control, unfortunately.
The app itself is not expected to go live just yet, but I would like to proceed with the release of some new server-side features that will assist with our internal testing.

Most of them will remain invisible in the current game version, but there is one addition that won't be and I would like to mention it to avoid any confusion:
In version 2.9 we are adding a concept of "hidden"/personal items on the map (that includes resources and characters), i.e. things only visible to you that cannot be picked up by anyone else and that cannot be shared.
Once per hour your in-game activity will trigger generation of such hidden resources very close to your current location, providing something extra to do in a 5-10 minute walking radius.

In version 2.9 the hidden map items will look slightly different and contain a note about their nature, but right now they will appear exactly as any other type of resources.
So if you pick something up and it doesn't get shared or remains invisible to another person, please do not panic; it's not a bug, but something we are expecting in the upcoming version of the game.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding! 🙂

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