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Domination: Earth

2.9.1 Holiday Update

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Hi all,

Version 2.9 (2.9.0 for iOS and 2.9.1 for Android) will become available shortly, featuring:

  • Introduction of personal/hidden resources:
    once every hour after capturing lands you will see a bunch of resources appear very close to your current position (within a few minutes of walking).
    These resources are marked as hidden and can only be picked up by yourself and will not be shared with allies.

  • Spawnable resource cap around your current position has been doubled to 100 units of each resource.
  • Quest system update: no differences will be seen just yet, but the new version allows us to launch a series of quests that include new types of requirements and rewards.
    We also expect a Christmas event based on this system very soon, so please download the new app to participate. ;)
    A separate announcement will be made about that.

  • Support for Android 12.
    Unfortunately, due to a vast gap in technical requirements between Android 6 and Android 12 we've had to temporarily suspend the support of Android 6 devices, as some of our legacy components no longer function on version 6 after migrating to Android 12.
    At the moment I cannot comment on when Android 6 will be back as my development resources are very limited and I have to choose between improving the game with new content and rebuilding the existing features to support older devices.
    Since only a couple of our players still use Android 6 the new content took priority this time, but I will revisit this issue as soon as time allows in the future.
    My apologies for inconvenience!

  • Version 2.9.1 is an Android-specific fix to the item scrapping facility (thanks to @ValarMorghulisfor the report! ;)).
    There will be no version 2.9.1 released on the App Store as iOS remains unaffected by the issue and scrapping still works.

As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback.

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