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Domination: Earth

Merry Christmas 2021! 🎄 Quests, competitions, prizes! 🎁

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Hi all,

This year we are celebrating Christmas and the holiday season with a number of things, starting with a series of quests:

from tomorrow (13th of December 2021) capturing a new land (or placing a new utility structure) will start a new quest; one quest per day for the next 12 days.
Each quest is time-limited and gives you 24 hours for completion.

The more quests you finish, the more Unobtainium will be awarded, but if you fail to finish a particular stage - don't panic, you can still continue the quest chain the next day.
However, some stages will have additional randomized rewards on top of Unobtainium (some rewards better than others), so make sure to capture new lands every day not to miss out!

We will also be organizing a New Year's Raffle on the last day of December; another relevant quest outlining the details will appear in the game and on our Instagram page very soon.
If you aren't following "Domination: Earth" on Instagram, now may be the best time to do so. 😉
But to give you a heads up, the raffle will be based on "tickets" awarded for sharing our latest Christmas-themed Instagram post in your stories.
To participate, all you need to do is follow our Instagram page, share the aforementioned post to your stories once it appears (any time now!), comment under the original post leaving your in-game display name (or DM the Instagram page) to help us keep track of things, and repeat the process every 24 hours (after the story expires) for additional entries into the raffle.

New Year's Raffle prizes are:
1st place: a "Santa Hat" item + 100 Unobtainium. 🤩
2nd place: 50 Unobtainium. 🎉
3rd place: 25 Unobtainium. 🌟

And finally, there will be a third way to earn lots of Unobtainium this year for the most daring, brave and creative players of DE!
You may notice that the contents of daily quests mentioned above look similar to a famous Christmas carol: "The Twelve Days of Christmas" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tReKR_ar5Ls ).
Yes, this was done on purpose. And yes, we sang it out loud numerous times ourselves while writing the quests. 😅
Having done so we have decided to challenge you to do the same in the form of a competition:
record your "music video" singing the entire "Twelve Days of Christmas" quest chain song and win 🌟🎉500 Unobtainium🎇🤩 if your video scores the highest number of likes (or if you're the only contestant 🙂)!

Rules of the competition are:

  • There are no strict requirements on the video content (e.g. you might record yourself or simply create a a Christmassy slideshow, a DE meme or absolutely anything else your heart desires!), and the only audio requirement is that the song is not performed with an AI-generated voice (i.e. it is okay to apply "special effects" to your own voice if you wish, but it still has to be your own voice underneath 🙂).
  • You do have to sing every verse of the song as they appear in the quest chain ("On the first day...", "On the second day..." and so on, until the last verse of "On the twelfth day"), just like in the original Christmas carol. No skipping days. 🙂
  • Upload your video to YouTube, subscribe to "Domination: Earth"'s channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxq3elmqcsA4Ng-W_739vA ) and mention it in the video's description along with a link to our website ( https://domination.earth/ ) for anyone who decides to look into the game as a result of your inspirational singing. 🙂
    I would be also grateful if you DM'ed me with a link to your video (on the forum, Discord, Facebook or Instagram, whichever is more convenient) to make it easier to find in the future.
  • You are free to ask your friends or other players to like your video in any format and via any means (blackmail excluded, although if you do so please just keep it a secret 😅), and the ultimate goal is to get as many likes as you can.
    After the New Year's Raffle is over we will go through all the submissions, check & compare everyone's accumulated number of likes and choose the lucky winner using the greatest number.
  • There will be only 1 prize of 500 Unobtainium awarded to the winner, but we will be giving away some runner-up prizes depending on the video content as we see fit (anything Christmassy and DE-themed will definitely score bonus points).
  • The lyrics (same as the quest itself) are only available in English (sorry!). There is a limit to our multilingualism and we don't trust Google Translate to deliver the right quality of content here. 🙂
    Please do not be shy and give it your best anyway even if English isn't your native language, our team is in the same boat and we have weird accents of all sorts, so everyone is welcome to participate regardless of your English level! 🙂
  • To help you prepare, here are the complete lyrics of our song compiled from all 12 quests:

As always, please post if you have any questions, and on behalf of the Epic Dragon team I wish you a magical Christmas and a wonderful holiday season! 🎇🎄

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