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Domination: Earth

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What if "loot chests" spawned rarely that could only be unlocked after walking a certain amount of Km/miles?  They could also be Available at the shop for only a few unobtaioum or as low as 99¢.  It would provide s cheap way to maybe get unobtaioum and it would encourage folks walking and not just claiming land and leveling if up... This is just a loose idea so some critique would be awesome :)

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That is a very interesting idea, I like it! :)

Providing the ability to open those using Unobtainium and having the ability to find Unobtainium in them sort of creates an infinite loop that defeats the purpose (i.e. why walk when you can just use the Unobtainium found in the same chests :)), but the overall concept sounds good!

We'll have a think about possible ways to implement something like this. ;) 

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