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Domination: Earth

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I just came back to another base and land there, but he does not recognize my land? I cannot build buildings and it said i was in the base while i was in the bigger land...

Now i build a land just outsider the earlier circle, but that is nu dat inside the 500m circle of the older land ( started under my base).

Could this error be repaired?




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No... my  land that i used  to start the base became my base (the larger circle). When i tried to expand that it said i was in the base in stead  of on the land.

And i could build a new land in something like 300 from the old  land that i used to start the base. Hence it seems the old lid lnd  is gone/somehow mixed with the base?

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Ah, right!

That is actually correct then, sorry. :)
This wasn't mentioned on the forum yet, as it was supposed to be part of the 1.10.2 update (but that release got delayed slightly), but we've adjusted the way base lands work:

There used to be two circles around your base: a static one (establishing "presence radius") and the growing one (affecting all combat structures etc).
However, not only this is confusing and problematic to explain to new players (many people still don't realize why there are 2 circles around your base), this doesn't make much sense later in the game when your base has grown quite a bit: why is it possible to capture new lands 100m+ away from the base's center even if that land is already yours and belongs to your base?

Accordingly, to reduce the level of complexity we've removed the "smaller" circle (it will disappear visually in 1.10.2, but for now just please forget it exists :)) and the growing land circle is the only one that matters: it determines your base's reach (including the territory within which you're considered to be present on that base) and how far you need to go to capture new lands.
This means that the more you play, the further from base you'll need to go to progress (it won't be possible to capture new lands in a 100m radius infinitely anymore).

I hope that makes sense!

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Sorry, I don't think I fully understand your scenario... if you've had no base in that area before (in a 100km radius) - yes, the first land to reach level 5 converts into a base (and is no longer a land you can upgrade).
If there is a base nearby then a land will never convert into a base. :)

In my post above I was referring to changes in the way "base presence" is calculated: it uses the growing circle now instead of the static small one (which was never a standalone land, just a circle on a map showing how far you need to go to leave your base).
But no land merging/conversion functionality has been changed, everything works exactly as it did before the update. :) 

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13 hours ago, The one true king said:

Hmm okey... in the earlier version it was possible to grow my land under the base (above). So that changed, i understand the idea but it did dupe me in this case...

Ah, that was a bug, I'm afraid. :)
Yes, in one of the previous versions some bases have detached from their lands, which allowed duplicate construction and also growing of that land via land capture.
But that is wrong as the base is supposed to grow during "level ups" only.

My apologies for confusion; this bug was spotted too late! :) 

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