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Accidentally double tap the flag and lost travel point

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14 hours ago, LWHsieh said:

I accidentally double tapped the flag and lost 7% travel points (400+) without being asked for confirmation. Could it be recovered please? Thank you.

No problem, accidents happen, and sorry for inconvenience!

Travel points restored. 😉

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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Thank you so much! Fantastic!

As the captured area getting large, it's not easy to accumulate the travel points. With a land of 4000 lv which covers the daily life circle for example, it means in order to get travel points, i need to drive to a place 20km away, then to the opposite direction at 40km away, and 20km back home to collect 40 points. Otherwise i just create facilities full of the screen/circle without travel points gained. So these restored TP are very precious to me.

Much appreciate!

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