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Domination: Earth

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Sorry for a delay in response, it's been a crazy week!

We've never had army just disappear for no reason as there are only two lines of code in the game that have the ability to change the stationed army value:

  1. When you transfer army to another base manually
  2. When that army is in combat and taking casualties

Beyond that anything stored in the database just remains there as is!

The most likely explanation is that you've been ambushed by a player with a high-level character, as these can really decimate large armies fast using the leadership & strategy skills.
FoT in its "aggressive mode" is the next likely culprit, but that would take a bit longer.

I would recommend checking the "Wars - Ended" tab for any new PvP additions, just in case that battle happened sometime ago and is no longer in your messages list.

Sorry I can't provide much more info in regard to that, as there are hundreds of battles taking place every day and finding one from several weeks ago (it must have taken place more than 7 days before you noticed the army's disappearance, if there is no active war record) without knowing the date & time, as well as anything about the sides involved, would be exceptionally difficult. 😢

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Thanks D, but this is what I figured and why it was an error... You can actually see the number of turrets I have in my main land. The losses of ai against me are about 25-50 for 1 of my armies. Indeed a character would help, but I do not see how that would be possible (since I also have 2 in that land) especially since my army size was over 8000...

Also the 8000 is too high to be transferred elsewhere since all my bases have a full army force and no other base level is high enough for this.

And my last war was with blackduckling and he is not near my main land (but I guess around Russia?)

Thus I figured error?

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Combat seems to be the only reasonable explanation here!

As mentioned above, it would be next to impossible for me to find that battle now (there's just not enough information to go on and this happened too long ago), but please keep an eye on your army; if anything similar happens again, remember the date & time when it happened, check "Wars" for any information on the possible opponent(s), post all of it here and I'll review the logs. 😉

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