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Domination: Earth

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Hi anyone,


(I don't want to point at anyone, but it is getting a little obvious)


There's a player called SensiGuy in the Netherlands that is probably GPS-cheating. Today when I came online, I got attacked. (See discord) I thought it was just fair play, but when I saw that big sources of Money and personnel had disappeared I began doubting that, because there's no other player in my direct surroundings that could pick it up. But when I saw that he had built multiple sandbags and guardtowers in a couple of pieces of land spread around my surroundings I found that strange. Drive more than 100km to just build some guardtowers and sandbags in your land across the country. While he had upgraded a couple of his lands in the surroundings of Amsterdam at the same day.


I hope someone could investigate this case.

the one true king has the same problem with the same player.


Greetings, Joris




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I think I have found the proof.

He has just exactly claimed this oil rig here, in the middle of a field at night.        He has done this with a couple of personnel beacons he exactly claimed.

To come to a small village and claim in the middle of a random field is a little suspicious. I hope something can be done about this.




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Thanks for your reports, guys!

All fake GPS activity is recorded from our end, so I will investigate and get back to you in regard to this particular player. ;) 

However, I have to mention that we're in the middle of New Year celebration currently, so I apologize for any delays in advance! :D

In any case, thank you for being vigilant; we'll get to the bottom of this!

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