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Domination: Earth

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I have some ideas for game ( sorry for my english)

1 - something like missions  ( with unobotanium prizes)

A) move for 1km/5km/10km but you should make max speed 5-15km/h  just for walk/run

B) make  x/xx/xxx lvl of lands

C) get 1/5/10 lvl of main base.


2)more buildings - where we can get small amout of money/ supplies/personel  but player can get profits only when player is near this land ( like assembly in main base. We can use it whem we near main.base)

A) market - 1 lvl make 1 money per hour / next lvl give us+1 per hour

B) bank - 1 lvl can store max 10 money , next lvl give us +10max store

C) factory - 1lvl 1 supply per 12h/ next lvl +1 supply

D) warehouse 1lvl  max store 2supply/ next lvl +2 

E) University 1 personel per12h / next lvl +2

f) house store 2personel per lvl.

3) smaller icon of resources on map...

4) every building what we build shown on map. Now i.make wall. And tower.and on map i have only tower.


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10 money is like nothing and U have the money om you (i think there is a Max)

And basicly most og what U say have ben Said before or had ben answerd

And please look at the other questions for more understanding 

Also join the DE discord Chanel og U wanna talk with the players and wanna het help (and more)

I can let Mr.D "from the YouTube Chanel Node" (don't  think he is that guy tbh) take the rest




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