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Domination: Earth

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this game is clearly at the beginning of its history and I think a lot of features will be implemented or improved.

However I cannot find any clue on what they could be.

Is there any particular reason to keep the future developments secret?

I see that there could be some disadvantages in telling it to the public:

- you would be exposed to a lot of coomments giving suggestions and critics. Everybody would feel authorized to say that they would do different things in a better way.

-If some change is decided on the roadmap, you might be expected to explain it to the public.


However I can see also some pro:

- I think the discussion is always a good thing. Knowing the future developments would keep people talking and always raise the interest on the future of this game. 

 -if somebody after playing for weeks feels a little boring, they can be excited again looking to the features that will be implemented.

-you do not need to take seriously every comment of everybody. But in the big number you may get also some useful feedback.


So why not making a public roadmap for the features that will be implemented?

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The main 2 reasons why we don't have a roadmap are:

1) Many things change too quickly and we try out various things & features following player feedback.
2) I hate making promises that I can't keep. :)

Sometimes we roll out a new feature that turns out not so great after a few days of public testing, and we replace it with something entirely different after receiving player suggestions, none of which could be predicted.
On other days most of the time is spent fixing bugs that we never knew existed; some things are really hard to plan!

I do have an internal list of desired features, but that's pretty much it - a wish list. There are no dates attached as things shift fairly regularly and sometimes features get cancelled because of other developments.
Having the entirely community wait for a big expansion not only puts a huge pressure on the developers (i.e. me :)), it's also incredibly painful to announce any cancellations in case these happen.

So we prefer to be dynamic and introduce pleasant surprises regularly rather than have everyone wait for specific things known in advance. :)

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5 minutes ago, marcofi said:

So you are the only person working on this? Is this a one-person game?

You are speaking to the entire technical team indeed. :)

I'm not the only person in Epic Dragon (we have a variable marketing team and a few folks helping me with other business aspects), but it's just me building both of our games ("Domination: Earth" and "Flamefrost", the non-mobile desktop browser MMORPG).

2 hours ago, marcofi said:

Good work then!

Thank you! :)

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14 hours ago, marcofi said:

I had a quick look to Flamefrost. It looks great. Do you make the graphical part too?

Glad you liked it, thanks! :)
Most of the graphical materials, yes: I've designed landscapes, spell effects, settlement buildings and other static assets.
We've had an artist in our team who modelled and animated the 3D characters (playable races and non-player characters), but everything else is me. :)

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