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Domination: Earth

Auto-collect drains stamina rapidly


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On 4/1/2023 at 9:25 PM, LWHsieh said:

I tried to use Map filter to stop the auto-collect, however it just keeps coming back, and resulting in draining all stamina point rapidly especially when my resource is full. Any idea to avoid this?

Thank you.


I'm assuming we're talking about a character's stamina, which is only drained when the character uses a skill relevant to collection (e.g. diplomacy or economy).
If you do not want that to happen entirely then you can open your character's skills window and disable the use of that skill via the toggle under its icon:

No description available.


The resetting map filters are a bug though that I plan to fix, so that they persist between app relaunches. 🙂
Sorry for inconvenience there and thank you for your patience!

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