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(vote) Circles vs. Hexagons

Circles vs. Hexagons  

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  1. 1. What shape of captured lands do you prefer?

    • Hexagons (from version 1.12)
    • Circles (version 1.11 or below)

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Since this subject is all over the forum I thought it would be interesting to find out and collate the general opinion of our population in one place. :)

As most of you are aware by now, version 1.12 introduces a new shape of captured lands - Hexagons.
Do you like them or did you prefer circles from the older versions?

Please vote! ;)

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Hexagons would be nice if the lands would fit in a hive like shape.

Since they overlap, maybe a circle is more aesthetic.

Anyway it is not much important for me, I agree with Riylan about performances.

What I noticed though is that the circles had also a little border. The new hexagons do not have borders. I would prefer to see a border, it helps to have a clear vision of my land.

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I definitely prefer circles they seem to me by far more aesthetic especially with their boarders and when overlapping other lands (and in concerns of collecting items).

I totally agree that performance goes over graphics which at the moment should be the main reason. But when the time comes where performance allows so I would love to see the circles again.

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