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Domination: Earth

Experiences with similar games

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Hello all,

since this is a general discussion forum, I hope this is not off topic. I would like to talk about experiences you had with other games based on maps, and their comparison with DE.

The most famous, but also quite different in the gameplay, are:

- Ingress

- Pokemon go

Few games are no longer active, they already completed their history:

- Parallel Kingdom

- Own this world

Another game still active is (I don't know it):

- Resources GPS MMO game

Do you know any other similar game?

Do you have experiences in any of them?

What brought you here and  how do you compare them to DE?

Mr. D, were you inspired in any of those while making DE?


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Other gps location games I have on my phone are Geocache, Munzee, Flagstack, Snatch, Pizza Fitness Runner and Garfield AR -although I play D:E the most at the moment.

I've deleted Takers which is a war game along the lines of D:E but the GPS signal was erratic so you'd be walking hours to get a territory and nothing showed in the map and other issues. I couldn't get on with Ingress, Resources, Color Planet, also tried dozens of other games such as Turf, Wallabee and various treasure hunts and scavenger apps but deleted.

The main reason I started trying so many games is because  my favourite  of all time, Geohiker, was no longer in operation so I had to find a substitute.




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I have played all on the first list and most of the others mentioned later, all the way back to claim jumpers, a game ported from a stand alone gps.  I also play some like greed city. With only a small GPS component.  My favorite was Own This World.  There are advantages and disadvantages to having Hex or Squares thar you controled overlaid on the map.  The players it was big with liked that it dropped a troop every 30 seconds, so driving you could take over territories just by having the game on.  Big with truckers an RV crowd that would rule the freeways.

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Most interesting games are mentioned above. I also played DominAnt, ColorPlanet (2 games of the same developer). Maybe they are fun if someone else is playing them in the same city. Not in my case. Very simple games so it gets too boring in a few days. There is also GPS Monster Scouter - offline GPS game some kind of PokemonGo with very oldschool UI. Maybe some fans of collecting monster would like it.

Most of such games are not interesting to play. The only exceptions for me are Ingress (15 lvl after 2 years of playing), Resources (almost nothing to do there after level 10 base). I played PoGo but stopped - to unstable for my phone and rather boring. There are no interesting targets making you travel somewhere, think strategically. And there were huge amount of cheaters.

There is also DeltaT being developed by Indian team but it is in closed state until Spring and I have many doubts this project will be successful.

For some time I had been playing GeoCreeps. It seems its development is frozen though there were some fun ideas.

All economical and square land capturing types of GPS games are very primitive. I couldn't play them longer than a week. (Turf Wars, Lord, etc.)

I hope Domination will have something that attract people. As for now a lot of things should be done for that.

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On 1/27/2018 at 8:55 AM, marcofi said:

Mr. D, were you inspired in any of those while making DE?

Definitely not! :)
I must admit that 90% of games listed in this thread are completely unknown to me (and now I'll actually have to go and check out the competition * sigh *), but I am aware of PokemonGo and Ingress (of course), which are very different from Domination: Earth.
I've also looked into Turf Wars, Takers and a couple of others, but to be honest none of them were really inspiring to me due to either being too simple or too complex (any game with several dozens of resources is just too hardcore for my taste :)).

Our original inspiration was actually Swarm (the social network), based on check-ins in popular places. :)

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There is also Zombies, Run!. It is closer to training apps with game features. You just listen to the strory you taking part in and run (I just walk quickly). There is a map showing your route, you collect some resources automatically while moving and can build township using them. I like such apps that stimulates activity and maybe start running with it as it offers training programs even for maraphon. But my English is not so good to understand everything in audio clips.

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