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Domination: Earth

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Just a small suggestion - consider adding 500m radius circle to land you possess. If you draw this with the thin line it will be very helpful for players trying to establish better control over the nearby lands. Players will be able to see their lands potential area of influence and plan where they can find the most suitable place to settle in and cover the lands around their base. You know its hard to count direct 500 m walking :P

You can also think about adding an extra item to get such intelligence temporary if you are afraid of too much server/device traffic.

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I think this is a good idea. It would be useful because I will know, when I capture land, if I will get a new flag or I will update an existing land.

Also I wish to have some way to understand if all player's flags are currently loaded in the piece of map that I am seeing. I see that I can load the surroundings by tapping the camera icon, but I don't know what area is affected. Maybe some kind of different background color may tell me that the area is full loaded. This could be also for resources, but in this case it is easy to see where they are not loaded.

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In addition to this 


When you level a land to level 100 you cannot upgraded any further being that most people are at work for at least 8 hours a day but can touch their phone every 15 minutes to upgrade a land would you consider increasing the capture radius when a player is inside the area of a level 100 land to be the edge of the land plus the captcha radius this would mean that a player could move out and capture an area close to their 100 land then move inside the 100 land and upgrade the edge of the land so they can increase their influence this would reduce people getting grumpy and bored about the game having a special structure that could be built on a Land costing a considerable amount could give this bonus I'll leave you to the game mechanics however if you would like I can offer further suggestions



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@Phap ironically, the level 100 land cap was actually introduced because of the people who actively play from work. :)
We've had a bunch of instances where an office worker would dominate the entire city and a huge part of its surroundings using a single land advanced without leaving their chair, which is unfair towards active travellers since the game is originally designed to promote real-world exploration via hiking, cycling or driving.
The problem with increasing the upgrade radius is that you could (in theory) spawn a dozen of smaller lands just outside of the level 100 land's radius (similar to the one seen on your video) and in a few days of playing merge these with the central level 100 land, creating a level 1000+ still without any actual travels. :)

As we don't want to render the real-world travelling obsolete we have to force people outside of the place they visit most often, and the more you play, the further you have to go eventually.

As I introduced the ability to manage lands remotely (since version 1.13) and there will be more functionality added in that area in the future, whenever you're at your base or in a maxed out land you will have something to do in the game.
So the new land capture and upgrades will most likely always require a fair bit of moving around the real world, but if you find yourself at home/work you can focus on managing all the lands captured so far and prepare for future travels. ;)

Still, I hear what you're saying and will have a think about what else could be done to make things more interesting for yourself without sabotaging our active hikers. :)

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