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Domination: Earth

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Watch out for another update, featuring:

  • A brand new resource preview panel in the upper right corner of all tabs, illustrating the total of currently accumulated resources and Peacekeeping Points (that will be possible to spend very soon :)).
  • Ability to manage remote lands by opening their construction window and pressing "View Details": a window similar to "My Lands" will open allowing to repair structures and use all of their regular functionality.
  • Earth View camera will no longer reset its position upon changing tabs or performing remote land actions (e.g. construction).
    The camera will reset only when land capture is used (including land upgrades and resource pickup).
  • Fixed an issue with Scrap Items crashing map on Earth View.

As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback! ;)

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21 minutes ago, Arb1tr said:

it is only needed at the learning stage, 

You'd think that, right! :) And yet there are plenty of questions on the forums answers to which are listed in that section. :) 
Originally I wanted to keep that button there as a "mini-wiki" for players to reference when they forget how a certain element of game mechanics works (e.g. how many resources does each base level allow storing).

However, now that we have the "Current Objectives" button inside the context menu on Earth View the "i" button did get slightly redundant for older players.
I'll have a think about what can be done!

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39 minutes ago, S Keillan said:

Just downloaded the update. Also thinking that with the resources preview and the construction icons on the map, there is a reduced need for a separate construction page in the main menu.

You are absolutely correct. :) That window is planned to be removed and replaced with a new tab related to Peacekeeping points (stay tuned!). ;)

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