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Domination: Earth

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Yes, we are planning to introduce "promotions" and discounts for Unobtainium indeed, as the originally planned prices we ramped up by taxes and fees added by the App and Play Store.

So hang on, there will be changes in that area once we figure the balance out. :)

Unobtainium is fairly useful though: you can exchange it for any resource or build time-saving structures such as Supply Factory.

However, certain features do cost much more on purpose: Nuclear Silo would be devastating for the game balance if everyone possessed it. We intended this structure as a last resort to "level the ground' for new players in heavily populated areas (yup, we have some of those! :)) and making it more affordable would encourage pay-to-win.

We're always open to suggestions and ideas though! :)

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That's correct: bases are only upgraded by lands captured outside of their minimum radius. As Domination is all about travel and going somewhere it wouldn't make sense if you could build a powerful empire without leaving your home. :) 

Each land captured and each upgrade performed on external lands count as a point towards your base's next level, while capturing land on your base provides a temporary defence boost (up to +20 points for subsequent check-ins).

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