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Domination: Earth

Please give me more soldier

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continue from my review... after update

the terror keep terroring T__T

look at this screenshot....

i kind of already travel 500km all over my country,,,, capture plenty of land.... but still what spawn only money and supply

i can get 30k Money in 1 month.... can get 50k supply in 1 month.... but only 20 soldiers in a month T__T not because im lazy to move... but LACK OF SOLDIER SPAWNING

meanwhile i attack TERROR ( 360 soldiers ) with my 16 soldiers... it should decrease but.... tomorrow his soldier become 380 in 1 day ?

how should i attack them ?..... and meanwhile again... all my land being attacked

isnt that too cruel ? T__T....


some suggestion...

please let me exchange money / supply with soldier... since train soldier should need both money and supply... maintain soldier need supply everyday for their ration....

give me other option to earn SOLDIER T__T




soldier shouldnt spawn randomly... soldier should be trained in my captured land and transferred across all my land... so money and supply to train soldiers basicly....




each land can propagand to attract soldiers... like regenerate which can be turned off if (out supply cant handle more soldier) or lack of provisions to maintain that soldiers.... so its prevent people to have huge amount of soldier... except if he always go out find some supply


if there any other option XD...

love this game but struggle with the AI... and without AI im kind of boring if no one playing at my country XD...

sorry attached other game screenshot ... its show my mobility everyday traveling around in this 15 days

im playing while im working XD...

hope you can consider it....











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I had my problems with AI, but then I was able to defeat them and now they are completely in control.

I guess that if they grow up until a high level base then they can make a high number of soldiers per day, so it becomes difficult to control.

I can give you those suggestion:

instead to have many little lands you should merge them in a large land, which will contain some of the terror lands. Then you will be able to attack them with the tower, destroying their buildings and reducing the lands level. In the meanwhile you build a bigger army, then you attack first the lands with no defece, until you destroy all his army. 

If you have problems finding personnel, you may have an ananswer from Mr. D on this.  

I was at 0 personnel and the terror had hundreds, but with some travel and bullhorns I was able to get them.

Press the camera on the tooltip of your lands to see the resources surrounding them.

I hope this helped.

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the terror base already attacked by me using tower.... but the soldier cant be attacked by my tower.... and his soldier keep increasing

everyday im traveling across all my country and take all the personnel.... only can get 20 this 15 days T__T

maybe your place have many player playing this game... so the personnel keep spawning

but me.... only me playing this kind of game here... T__T

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Sorry about your personnel issues!

The ratio between supplies/personnel depends on the terrain type and area, but if Google's geolocation cannot identify cities in your country then it may be a bit of an issue indeed!
I'll readjust the resource ration for your region in the next update, so that you received more personnel instead of supply drops! ;)

As for the AI, it is intended as a cooperative challenge, but I'll see what I can do to make it less problematic in regions with few allies...
Considering your lack of personnel I can understand why it causes so much pain!

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On 15/02/2018 at 11:07 AM, MaDJPN said:

thanks sir XD....

looking forward the next update XD...


Just wanted to ask if you've noticed an increase in personnel at all?
There should now be a 10% chance to receive personnel in any area; hopefully this helps with your situation a bit! ;)

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its a little better now... 

but may i ask if i can discard or throw away my current "supply"

because its keep maxed and when i capture land it keep spawning supply....

and seem after several item spawned no matter how many times i capture in that area again... nothing spawned anymore....

1. is that limit/day spawning item in that area ?... or

2.max item spawned in that area.... ?


if 1. then its okay... but if 2. i need to discard my current supply just so i can pick up all supply in that area..


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There is indeed a limit of resources per area, sorry!

I'll have a think about possible ways for you to get rid of unwanted supplies, but in the meantime if you'd like me to reduce your current accumulated supply amount to a specific number - please let me know (how many supplies you'd like to keep) and I'll adjust it manually. ;)

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10 hours ago, MaDJPN said:

good morning sir XD...

need to discard all my supplies again XD...

or maybe a button to discard ourself XD...

thank you XD...

Sorry, didn't have a chance to implement any feature for you to do it yourself yet, but it's in my task list! :)

Can you please PM me your in-game account email?
I can't remember which was used last time and I wouldn't want to reset someone else's supplies. :)

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