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Domination: Earth

1.16 High-Level Construction

Mr. D

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Hi all,

Version 1.16 is out on both platforms (Android and iOS) and introduces a massive change to the construction system and high-level land capture mechanics!


  • Building upgrade option has moved from "Construct" window into "Existing Buildings" (new button appearing at the top of the list of buildings in "Construct").
    Accordingly, if you want to upgrade your wall from level 1 to level 2 look for the "Upgrade" button within the "Existing Buildings" section.
    Options listed within the "Construct" window are now associated with brand new constructions only.
  • Multiple Building Placement
    It is now possible to construct multiple buildings of the same kind on high-level lands (level 100 and above).
    You will not see any difference in construction options until your land reaches level 100, but after that your list of available buildings will reset and display all the options, including those already existing on this land.
    Clicking on "Build" will require you to manually select a placement location within your captured territory and you can build as many walls and guard towers as the free space allows you (each building occupies a 50m radius circle).
    Additionally, it is now possible to build Supply Factories on level 100+ lands.
  • Attack Ranges
    It matters where your Guard Towers are placed!
    Attack radius of Guard Towers, Missile Launchers and Nuclear Silos no longer depends on the size of your land and uses 500m radius as a default distance unit (i.e. Guard Tower level 1 has a radius of 500m, level 2 - 1km, level 3 - 1.5km), but its center and reach are calculated from the spot where the building is located, not from the centre of your land.
    Accordingly, some towers placed closer to the land's edge will reach further out than those protecting the middle.
  • Wall Stacks
    Having multiple walls within the same land does not increase the total defence points provided by these walls, but increases the amount of damage an invading army has to deal to start damaging other structures.
    Only the highest level wall is considered for the purpose of all defence score calculations.

    For example, if you have 99 walls of level 1 and one wall of level 10, your land will be protected by the defence score of the level 10 wall (until it's destroyed), but all 100 lands have to be destroyed before any other building can be damaged.
  • Utility Structures
    It is now possible to use "Land Capture" (flag button) anywhere within your captured territory of level 100 or above; this action allows creating a one of the four new buildings for free:
    1) Sentry Turret
    An automated defence system protecting your land even if there's no army stationed nearby to defend it.
    It has a variable chance to activate depending on its level and the amount of soldiers it can target grows with its level as well.

    2) Solar Panel
    An "add on" building to all resource stations you capture, adding a variable chance (1% per level) to generate Money whenever Resource Collection is performed every hour.
    It doesn't matter what kind of resource stations are captured currently, Solar Panel will always produce Money in addition to any other resource collected.
    It will not function if you have no resource stations captured currently.

    3) Silo
    Similar to Solar Panel, Silo generates additional Supplies whenever resource collection is performed.

    4) Communication Relay
    Another resource station "add on" generating personnel upon resource collection.

    Each of the 4 Utility Structures can be upgraded by capturing land within 50m from them, and can grow up to level 1000: each hundredth level unlocks an additional effect, allowing buildings to activate twice or more times.
    E.g. a level 160 Sentry Turret has a 100% chance to kill 1 enemy soldier and 60% chance to kill one more.
    Level 1000 Sentry is guaranteed to kill 10 enemy soldiers every round.

    Upgrading Utility Structures counts as a land capture, advancing your base level and generating new resources.
    Please note that only the Utility Structure levels can grow via land capture, but Walls and attack structures purchased from the "Construct" tab will restore between 1-2 hit points whenever you check-in nearby (this action also counts as land capture and advances your base).
    If the nearby building is currently at full health, this action will only generate additional resources nearby.

    Utility Structures do not have hit points and cannot be repaired remotely: their levels work as their health (exactly as lands') and when damaged their levels start dropping until they reach zero and the building is destroyed.
    Accordingly, all of your Solar Panels and Communication Relays will work as an additional layer of defence between the invading army and your land levels, but only after your sandbag walls are destroyed. ;)

As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback!


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Wow, that's a very big update including many new features. Can't wait to try everything out. Sounds like you had nearly no sleep or break the last week :D

Since I couldn't generate new resources for a very long time now (at least it feels like it) I am much more sad to hear that I'll have to wait for apple to finally be able to generate new resources... Damn, Apple store... Nevertheless, I can understand your decision and know that this is none of your fault...

So finally, very nice job Mr. D, very bad job Apple !!!

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1 hour ago, Ruvox said:

Wow, that's a very big update including many new features. Can't wait to try everything out. Sounds like you had nearly no sleep or break the last week :D

That is pretty accurate! :D

But turns out this isn't all good news for today!
I think Apple's review team must be among our players who were expecting this update, as we've just experienced the fastest approval ever (less than 2 hours)!

Accordingly, 1.16 is now available for both platforms (iOS and Android); please get it ASAP! ;)

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2 minutes ago, Grizzlyfilms said:

Big update but sandbagwall protect soliders in real life (bo soliders= walk over the wall) barneskolen wire is something to slow the enemy down

Yup, that's why having more sandbag walls doesn't increase the overall defence score. :)

I'm positive that there will be more land-specific buildings available in the future (possibly the barbed wire too)! ;)

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1 minute ago, Mr. D said:

Affirmative. :)

Sorry, clarification!

Building Utility Structures provides you with base XP, as well as healing constructions purchased from the "Construct" tab.
Just checking in next to a perfectly healthy sandbag wall is only going to generate resources (no experience).

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My base lvl 25 (97/125)   


after build  6x sandbag and 2 towers



i cant upgrade sandbags (guard tower the same) to next lvl?  1st have 10lvl. others only 1?


"oops!  This structure is already at maximum lvl " - 1st lvl


another -  make button delete, when you build something in wrong place..

Edited by Masterman
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5 minutes ago, Masterman said:

My base lvl 25 (97/125)   

after build  6x sandbag and 2 towers

These aren't utility structures, sorry. :) As mentioned above, you only get XP for healing those structures via Land Capture.
Alternatively, place a few Sentry Turrets / Solar Panels / etc. and upgrade them to grow your base. ;)

6 minutes ago, Masterman said:

i cant upgrade sandbags (guard tower the same) to next lvl?  1st have 10lvl. others only 1?

Hmm... will look into that! Don't worry, it's fixable on the server without releasing any new app versions. ;)
I'll post again once it's corrected.

7 minutes ago, Masterman said:

another -  make button delete, when you build something in wrong place..

That button does exist, look for the red trash can on each building's land tooltip. ;)

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Ok guys, the "Maximum level" upgrade issue should now be fixed (mostly!).

Unfortunately, there is indeed a small glitch in selection of "which building to upgrade", which I will have to fix separately and most likely tomorrow (or next week).
Until this is resolved I'd recommend building & upgrading one wall at a time, as if you have multiple buildings of the same type a random one may get upgraded instead of the one you selected.

My apologies for that!

Please let me know if you still can't upgrade your walls at all though!

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36 minutes ago, S Keillan said:

I'm upgrading a silo in my big land but I am not getting notifications for land capture available after 15 minutes. The notifications are rather nice and I would prefer to have one if possible.

No problem! Land capture notifications added for Utility Structure creation and upgrades. ;)

1 hour ago, The one true king said:

I just noticed that if you zoom out, you can are flags and not buildings and these can be merged with your big land by using the magnet icon... (it was quite expensive and it only dus the one building, but still)

Sorry, I'm not sure I fully follow your scenario!
Are you saying that you are able to merge buildings as lands?
If yes, are you positive that there weren't any smaller lands nearby and was them that merged (not buildings)?
I'm just struggling with reproducing this issue... :(

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Hello. Amazing update.so Ty!!

Just a question I have a non PvP enabled player in my large land. He has guard towers. Then I try to use capture land. All I get is the 'player has attack structure' and it blocks my capture so I can not get the sentries or anything. And being non PvP there is nothing I can do.

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