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Domination: Earth

Too much Sandbag Walls

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Ok, then you misunderstood me.
This is a level 1 land. Mr. D meant a glitch with upgrading a specific building within a level 100+ land. But my land is only level 1 so it should only be allowed to construct 1 sandbag wall on it but there are three of them and the additional two seem to also count towards the defence point. 
So I am sure this is a totally different bug/problem.
I further mentioned that at anytime the first Sandbag Wall gets upgraded not a random one of the three.

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By the way, your land *did* have 3 sandbag walls (even though only 1 is allowed); I believe I've fixed the bug causing this, but I've had to remove your level 1 duplicates.

Please let me know if this happens again though and you end up with more buildings than needed! ;)

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