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Fake GPS Crackdown

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Hi all,

Just an advance warning that I am about to begin cracking down on Fake GPS usage a lot more seriously:
having analyzed behaviour of more than 200 cheaters I have devised a system that is incredibly good at spotting users of Fake GPS and unlike all previous versions of our anti-cheat it is no longer confused by network lags, reopening of the app, flying a plane or just using a rubbish GPS chip.

The annoying message saying "This location cannot be captured! Please move to another spot or try again later!" has been removed and will no longer be shown by the anti-cheat: there are no more "precautionary" blocks and temporary bans, the new anti-cheat is *that* good (so if you do see the aforementioned message please report it to me, as that will now be caused by other failures unrelated to cheating, e.g. inability to connect to Google Maps).

Right now I've enabled automatic collection of usernames of everyone who's using Fake GPS at this moment and I'll review that list manually one last time next week, just to make sure there aren't any bugs remaining in the system.

If that final test is successful the new anti-cheat will begin functioning in full auto-pilot mode: this means a single (one and only) warning in the game, and the next time you activate Fake GPS you will be automatically blacklisted and the associated in-game account - disabled.
All automated bans are issued with a delay between several hours to roughly a couple of days; this delay has been added on purpose.

But the key message that I'm trying to bring across in this post is:

If you are using Fake GPS currently - stop!!!
There will be no more free passes and ignored incidents of cheating.

You WILL be caught and banned for cheating!

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1 hour ago, Mr. D said:

our anti-cheat it is no longer confused by [...] just using a rubbish GPS chip

That's great to hear !

Amazing how fast you improved such a complex system, I am curious to see it in action (or in my case don't see it any longer).

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