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Domination: Earth

Nuclear silo range


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First thanks for the gifts in the Easter eggs. With the free unobtainium and a small purchase I got my first nuclear silo. But was very disappointed to see level 1 range restricted to 1.5km. I expected 100km minimum. I note that missiles also have a very low range and similar to tower which makes no sense. Given the small range I now have no interest buying unobtainium to upgrade. I also can’t see on the upgrade facts how much this would change by but assume it is also very small. My opinion is Missile ranges should be significantly enhanced. 

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I actually agree!

The original range was that low as both of these buildings used to destroy everything within their range, which was considered a bit overpowered. :)

Now that we have a single target system I'm happy to increase their range in the next update! ;)

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