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Domination: Earth

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I at least heard of two times now (one at myself) where pending trade offers just vanish. The offered resources disappear, the offer disappears, the land isn't sold. Have no idea how that happened or how to handle this. However, do you have trade offer logs and could investigate this?

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If I remember correctly, the offers disappear if you engage in combat with the land owner (as you can't trade with your war opponent).
We've had so many different scenarios related to trading & land captures with active offers that it was easier to withdraw these once the war begins.

But I will look into resources disappearing!

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Maybe this could be helpful: 
Another player reported that the offers are not really vanished but only invisible. So If you for example had 10 possible offers you could only issue 9 since the invisible (vanished) offer blocks the 10th slot although the is "9/10" displayed under trade management.

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