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Domination: Earth

Discord DE server down/deleted

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Hey guys; I'm trying to contact the owner(who quit playing D:E around a year ago).  From what I can find the server owner is the only person that can delete it.  And I don't know what would have happened other than that.


I made a new one: [removed; see https://forum.domination.earth/index.php?/topic/548-discord-move/]



I'm now the owner; so it won't be deleted again.

It will take some time to get it back to its former state with the proper channels, roles, etc.  But hey, it's something to do.  ;)


Join back up and help rebuild(I definitely don't remember all the channels we had).


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I had a backup (of some kind) ready to go as this was an issue to be predicted. It got all channels, roles and more already set up at https://discord.gg/G4k3hW4

For now we will be using that one (Talked with Riylan about this)

The owner of the old Domination Earth discord server quit the game several months ago. He said he'd leave it up running though. I'm guessing he didn't want it hanging around anymore. Sadly he did not give any of us any warning.

We apologise for the hassle right now.

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Updated link for new official server
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