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Domination: Earth
Олег Поленин

Tracking and base circle drawing issue

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This is a highly reproducible procedure for me (like 80-90% times):

  1. I click "Track" on FoT
  2. Map defaults to wide zoom with base circles visible, keeps loading (buttons invisible)
  3. Buttons appear, but tracking does not commence (ie. FoT lands outside my immediate location are not visible)
  4. I click "Track" again
  5. Map defaults to same wide zoom, but base circles disappear (bases are visible though), keeps loading
  6. Buttons appear, FoT lands appear, but my base circles are still invisible

After I zoom below base circle draw level and then out, base circles reappear.

This happens both with FoT and real players.

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I've seen that happen to me as well. I'm not sure of the regularity as I have considered it a minor issue, but I do agree it's worth investigating. 

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I think it is somehow related to the amount of objects in the player's current draw area. While the problem occurs in high rate around my home area, it is definitely a lesser issue in Spain, where I have a very limited number of flags. Still it's kind of 5-10% rate even here.

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