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Points of Fame use

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Unfortunately, Points of Fame are separate from the Peacekeeping Points and do not allow purchasing any benefits not to encourage player-vs-player battles for the sole purpose of point generation. :)
Their only purpose is to advance you in leaderboards and show how much of a war-focused person you are!

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On 2019-01-23 at 11:53 PM, Luna said:

If Points of Fame are like Peacekeeping Points, can I buy perks with them? If so, how do I do that?

Points of fame is the points you get accumulated for attacking people and alliances, (war).

but you best be intellectual on game war mechanics, if not, you'll have a hard time and may lose more than you can gain...

War with terrorists is totally different from fighting other people.

There are more options other than just a basic skirmish match.

Be careful if you choose the war path, dont tread on warlords or mini me's,..fight your own rank areas though you may choose your own destinal path and ignore what I mention. 

Dont trust anyone, some may be really nice people, but they will in the end betray you.

You will only find 1 or 2 really trustworthy people.

Dont join URAs or any of its affiliates.

Just create your own alliance.

Joining alliances doesn't do anything for you anyways except to share your captured resources and gives others feedback on it.

If someone says they'll defend you, then let them defend you, but you don't need to be on any alliance to do so.

Keep this in mind, discord chat is all fun and games, but during actual domination gameplay..its an all for one blood bath.


And if anything dont hesitate to ask anyone in discord for help.

Excluding Tom Raines, you can ask anyone but him 🤡 👉👌

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So.. My Dude

I really didn't want to quote..but I'm just not sure. Let's just meet in the middle..

When it comes to war, yes.. Have your shit together.

Unless you've never been there and then hell.. Just have fun for a week. It Can be fun! You learn more "on the job" than not. It's not really a big deal unless you take it seriously.

(This is not a license to be a $&*#)

Of course a new poster knows not to step on Warlords.. As if they even know what that means.. But all this about don't trust anyone, but talk to ppl on discord for help needs to be proofread.

Also I understand your position on URAS, I understand your experience. I would maintain that just because you choose to run solo (and you do it well) is no excuse to disparage a collective.. Alliances, and all their cheesy affiliates, actually work very well for everyone involved, financially and otherwise. Especially those on discord.

I know what you're gonna say, and you know what I'm gonna say after that. So let's not discourage new players with our parry's and jabs.

Next time we give real advice

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