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Domination: Earth

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Morning from the east coast!

We're experiencing some interruptions. Most times the maps load but no icons populate.. And that's if the client itself loads.

Forums were having problems too for some.


Second edit: it seems to be back up but slow.  Just fyi

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Sorry for a delay, I have been away from my desk most of the day today (which, of course, automatically increases the chances for things to break down :D).

I have reviewed our logs and can indeed see that we've been getting weird spikes of performance issues roughly twice a day.
All servers have been rebooted just in case and I will conduct an investigation of the root cause... will post in this thread once I have some answers; please also do not hesitate to let me know if things freeze like this again. ;)

Update: okay, the issue is clearly reproducible as we have once again frozen just now. I'm on it!

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We seem to be experiencing server problems again this morning here in the US. A couple other players on the Discord mention it also. Service start slowing down real slow not loading pages and now it's not loading anything at all. Don't know if it's related but I had a lot of trouble getting into here onto to the forums to

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I have noticed connection issues very regularly in the time frame mentioned. I basically say the app goes stupid for about 30 minutes. My guess is there's a daily server refresh or backup that takes place at this time. It's annoying but at least it's predictable.

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I stumbled onto this old thread but thought I'd let you know that the problem still exists. The game and forums both stop basically working every day at the same time for about 30-40 minutes. Some connections do go through but mostly it's really restricted. This issue has been around basically since this thread was made but we have learned to "live with it".

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2 hours ago, Irrelevents said:

I hope there's an interesting story involved somewhere..  😲🔪💻💣🔥👀

Not really; there was no conspiracy, if that's what you're thinking. :D

Will share after the problem is confirmed to be gone for good!

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