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Travel Points Balancing

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So, I just tried to buy a lvl 1 flag to test out the new travel point system. Are you telling me 210km is the shortest distance I’ll have to go to do anything? I get trying to prevent abuse by making people leave the house, but this is ridiculous.


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Hi @Luna!

If I understand correctly, you are trying to merge a level 1 land with a level 20 land, is that right?

I know that this new requirement may seem a bit too much at first, but it's worth remembering some other new rules and suggested tactics! ;)
For example, merging the smaller land will award you with double points (i.e. as if you created another land of the same size, but for free and without actually travelling).
Additionally, you have the ability to construct a level 10 sandbag wall, which upon merging will transform into another +10 points (equal to 10 new flags).
Finally, using the magnet button for merging does not merge only one land, but all of the surrounding flags touching the larger land.

This means that prior to merging you should put up some more flags and merge all of them in one go to multiply the aforementioned bonuses and only pay the merging fee once.

And of course, you don't actually have to go 210 kilometers away; the point total grows with every new land capture, even if you are creating new lands in a circle and playing exclusively in your home suburb. :)

I hope this helps! ;)

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Hmm... something's not right.
Buying a level 1 land is supposed to cost 10 points only.

Merging a level 20 land with a level 1 will cost 210 points.
If you are buying a level 1 land and getting the 210 points price tag then we have a problem!
I will investigate. ;)

But yes @Олег Поленин, after you buy a land (10 points) and try to merge it you will have to pay the merge price separately (210 more points).

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10 points is a lot more reasonable, although I think it still seems a bit on the pricey side for the cheapest possible action. (Unfortunately I have no idea how many points I have at the moment.) If this is a bug, hopefully you can get it fixed soon.

Edited by Luna
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2 hours ago, Mr. D said:

But yes @Олег Поленин, after you buy a land (10 points) and try to merge it you will have to pay the merge price separately (210 more points).

This is exactly how I thought it to be according to the new rules.

Nevertheless, I still think the price is enormous against the entry level lands.

I've adjusted the way I set lands to focus on prepping single 1lv merges with up to 6 lands. But I will probably keep waiting with merging them until the dust settles and maybe by then the prices well get more rational :D

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7 hours ago, Олег Поленин said:

If it were, would you be charged twice?

(once upon trade, once upon merge)

Maybe if it is on the lvl20 land, it gets merged automatically upon buying 🤷

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just gathering more information 🙃

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The last week i have been thinking about the travel points and I think it is way too difficult to get them... 

The main problem i see is that you only get the for new lands (and not for upgrading lands) and the distance max of 100.

When i just looked at the leaderbord there are only 60 players with more than 5 bases. Thus only 60 players could reasonably collect larger amounts of travel points. The others largely stay in their base area. In your basic surrouding you do not want hundreds of level 1 lands because merging those is just too expensive. So you upgrade lands, but than you dont get any travel points, while you do travel. This i really do not understand.

Than building more bases by flying somewhere works but if you fly more often it will likely be from your home aiport. If you upgrade a land there before flight you do not even get the 100 travelpoints when you land while travelling a lot farther(see my earlier point). This just seems ridiculous to me.

 I think this does not help to get more people into the game... i think some things should be adjusted here.


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