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Domination: Earth

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With the new Travel Points system, there has been consternation expressed on the Discord server. The basic issue is that some players have created a number of lands in one area with the intent to merge them, only now this is rather expensive. However, I will note that upgrading an existing land to level 100 costs no points or resources. Players are finding that their lands are unable to grow once those lands come in contact with an innocuous small land.

What I propose for consideration would be a two-step solution. The first step would be to allow for the intentional deletion of existing structures on all lands. A player would be allowed to remove sandbags and guard towers from existing lands with no cost but also no reimbursement of resources. This would be akin to being able to delete such from level 100 lands. If the land would require such structures for growth, they would not be allowed to grow.

The second step would be to have a reduced cost of Travel Points for mergers that do not generate added base points, hence the reason for deletion. I propose that the cost would be reduced to 1 TP for each level on the resultant land under the following conditions:

  • All lands merged into the primary land would have no structures on them, so no base points added.
  • The resultant land would not be greater than level 100.
  • If the resultant land would overlap another land¬†post-merger, it would not be allowed under this system.
  • The merger would have to be entirely conducted under these conditions. No mixture of lands with defenses and no defenses would be permitted.

The goal would be to allow for mistakenly placed lands to be dealt with. The 1 TP cost would generally cancel the benefit of creating a new land next to an existing land. It would be possible to generate travel points artificially by building such lands rather than upgrading them, but I note that this would be done by...travel!

Respectfully submitted,

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