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Domination: Earth

Any issue - let us know!

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If you experience any problem, no matter how small it is, please let us know about it in this forum.

App crashing, notifications not appearing, GPS placing you in a wrong spot, password reset emails not arriving or any other technical question always deserves an answer! ;) 

Alternatively, if your problem is of a confidential nature (e.g. an exploit that shouldn't become well-known) or if you'd simply like to speak in private, please email us at support@domination.earth or send a Private Message to me on this forum or our Facebook page.

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The tracking option shows you lands of a player but only within your bases radius. So if the player does not have any lands within 100 km around your base (the big circle you see when you zoom out) yo

Have had similar issue on ocassion, seems be whenever the gps is busy or stuck. When that happens whatever the reason, the button to capture does nothing and merely flickers the pick resources bu

Hey, I play domination since yesterday and really like it. However sometimes the countdown for the next possibility to capture land slides under the upper tab bar. I tried to reproduce this but I h

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Yes, the latest update re-balances game mechanics in multiple aspects.

I will create a more detailed announcement about that tonight, but to sum it up: size of lands has been reduced and certain upgrade conditions added, while base levels have been increased (from the former maximum of 10 to the new limit of 100).
So lands will be smaller, which will allow a larger number of players to co-exist in one area, while bases will be a lot larger. ;)

Once again, how and why will be explained in an announcement later today!

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2 hours ago, Venusdimylo said:

I would like to deactivate/delete my account. Can you explain how I do this? Thanks.

Hi Venusdimylo,

Just uninstall the app and all your lands will deactivate automatically in 7 days if you don't login again before that. ;)

May I ask what you didn't like in Domination that made you want to leave? :)

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18 hours ago, Hillson said:

Hello. Please have the app show a notice before updating automatically.

Or have a choice to only update over wifi, as it is now i noticed it used the phone data service.

Fair enough! :)
I will adjust the in-app updater to use wifi only.

In general I tend to avoid using this feature and it's only activated in case of critical hotfixes (e.g. when the app would otherwise not function at all).
All non-essential updates are distributed via the Play Store / App Store where you have the ability to choose whether to download the update straight away or not. ;)

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So, a couple if things. I've played the game for about 2 hours so far. Really enjoyable so far! 

1. When going out to get resources I had a really hard time because it seemed like 80% of the resources I went out to get were on private property.

2. I built a barrack and it's not showing in my "my lands" buildings.

Also, my sister downloaded it and when we went out for resources it kind of sucked because we had to alternate who captured what resources. We're in an alliance and it would've been cool if she could captured it too. 

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Hi David,

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Domination! :) 

In regard to your issues:

1.This probably varies by country, but we did notice a similar issue while exploring England. :)
I'm planning to solve this problem by adding "power ups" and items allowing to capture hard to reach resources further away from yourself than usual.
Any other suggestions are welcome though!

2. If it's not showing up in "My Lands" then it's probably still being built (each building has a "time cost" associated with its construction). :) As soon as you purchase a building a timer appears underneath its name in the "Construct" tab. When the timer reaches zero that building appears in "My Lands".
Barracks take 30 minutes, so I believe they should have appeared in "My Lands" for you by now (please let me know if the building's still missing!). ;) 

Sharing resources with alliance members sounds like a great idea!
I'll add it into the task list for our upcoming next version!

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8 hours ago, whatheck said:

Can you delete my account I messed up on it and I can't delete or re place my buildings

Sure, I've released your username; please feel free to re-register with the same email. ;) 

4 hours ago, Franzol said:

Ince I started upgrading lands above level 10 I got noticed that new resources had appeared. They have not appeared in my inventory of resources or in my lands. Where have they gone?

Hi Franzol,

Are you referring to the "New resource appeared in the area" message?
If yes, this simply means that your action of capturing land has generated a new resource somewhere within a 5km radius around you (you still need to find and collect it manually). ;)
I apologize if the notification phrasing sounds confusing, I'll think about how to make it clearer! :) 

1 hour ago, Queen Lina said:

Really good game I love it I'm the only person in Louisville Kentucky the mew Kingdom rule lol. But in all seriousness you need to connect and actually show a territorial border! Please and thanks

Thank you for the positive feedback, Queen Lina! :) I recommend building an army as soon as possible though to ensure that your kingdom remains yours when other Kentucky dwellers discover "Domination"! :D 
In regard to land borders, I'd be grateful if you could provide some more details as to how you envision this (i.e. whether it's a border between your own lands or the way your and someone else's lands intersect).
I've asked the same question in the news thread, so please feel free to reply in any of these threads. :) 

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3 hours ago, Mr. D said:


Do you get any message at all when that happens?

Have had similar issue on ocassion, seems be whenever the gps is busy or stuck.

When that happens whatever the reason, the button to capture does nothing and merely flickers the pick resources button.

Only caught a couple gps fails so far: when i open in a fast vehicle (not driving!) :P and also when i minimize the app and reopen, likely poorman's phone fail.

Also, found google location doesnt work if wifi is off before data is turned on, must have it on first, for entirely obscure reasons.

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38 minutes ago, MunKst3r said:

Is the new update out for iPhone? I don't have the lightning bolt button or the option for weekly subscription for uno stuff

It should be available via the in-app update: make sure you are connected to wifi and then open Earth View; once the lands load you should see a black message appearing at the bottom of the screen saying "updating application...". Give it a few seconds and the update should be installed automatically. ;)

Please let me know if that doesn't happen though!

This update will appear on the app store as well at some point, but we are still waiting for Apple to approve our subscriptions (until that happens we can't release a new version). So fingers crossed! :)

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1 minute ago, Pazubis said:

I build a barrack for soldiers but i cant see it and I dont get any soldiers.

Do you have multiple bases?

It should be within the "My Lands" page, listed in the base buildings (after you tap on a base to expand all buildings).

If it definitely isn't there - please post and I'll try to check to your account in the database to see what's going on. ;) 

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