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Domination: Earth

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I can't open the app anymore since the last update. When I open it, it immediatly says "Domination earth has stopped". I don't know if this has amything to do with my phone being pretty old, or me having an old version of Android. I hope this problem can be solved.

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On 19/07/2019 at 11:08 PM, Joris said:

The problem still isn't fixed, sadly enough.

Oh no! :(

I'm really sorry for inconvenience, we have been stabbed in the back by our mobile app framework (i.e. the "game engine") ourselves: not only the 3rd party developers responsible for maintaining it dropped support for a range of old 4.x versions of Android, they have also introduced a number of breaking changes associated with the removal of Google+, because of which I am currently unable to release any quick fixes to the live app (or any fixes, for that matter).

All this is highly frustrating, for which I sincerely apologize, and I am doing my best to rebuild the app using alternative tools independent from the 3rd party software that let us down.
But it is hard to predict how long this would take at this point!

As a temporary workaround, would you like to try installing a previous version of DE manually?
I have emailed you the installation file for it; you'll now need to uninstall the broken version and open the APK file received by email.

Please let me know if that version is still crashing for you!

P.S. If anyone else encounters the same issue, here is a public link to the previous version 1.19.3; it's exactly the same as the one I emailed to Joris:

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