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Domination: Earth

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As most have mentioned here in the forums and at discord, the game as currently stands has an fairly outdated tutorial (Sorry Dan :/). The "Tutorials & Guides" section is also screaming for content. This in my mind should be fixed or changed somehow. This responsibility many are trying to put on Dan. But the problem to this is that Dan hasn't got the time. He just moved to a whole new country and he has to pay the bills and to do that he has to work. Working means less time to work on the game. But what if us, the community and the players, helped out him abit? So not just to complain I have come up with some possible solutions if you'll hear me out:

1. For the ingame tutorial we could have some sort of 'competition' where people would send in a text tutorial via email (or any other way Dan wishes). And the tutorial deemed 'best' would get implemented into the game at some point and the winner would get a prize. This could be a small amount of unobtanium? This would save Dan a huge amount of time and most of the tutorial could be just basically copy-pasted. Some coding would obviously be needed for the events and tutorial to advance.

Dan? Inputs?


2. Encourage veteran players to start writing guides and tutorials on the forums by rewarding well made tutorials and guides. The quality of the guide/tutorial could be based on votes or just be judged by Dan himself. Well made ones would be stickied to keep them on top while other people submit theirs. Those that manage to get their tutorial/guide stickied would get a reward. This shouldn't be unobtanium but maybe something else. Recognition? Resources? Power-ups? We could setup a whole new role for people on the discord to show off that you have contributed? 

Veterans? Inputs?

// ValarMorghulis

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Love the idea and have to agree that I'm running ridiculously low on free time currently (changed my job twice now since moving!), so any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

I would suggest starting with the forum-based tutorials (will have a think about the appropriate rewards, but I'm open to suggestions to know what exactly our veterans need ;) Travel points, peacekeeping points or otherwise), and as a second stage I would be happy to move the best ones (and the most "concise") into the in-game texts. Please note though that due to the game having multiple languages the latter part is extra tricky.

But nothing's off the table in terms of rewards, including Unobtainium! ;)

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Well, looks like I had to be the first one to kick this off. I'd like to see others contribute too so to get more people involved and motivated I will be making a FAQ kind of list of every feature in the game. This will take alot of time, effort and help from you guys.

If you wish to participate send me a snippet where you explain a feature of the game. I will make an example below so you know what I'm planning to do. Anyone who patricipates will obviously get credit for their work and I will make sure Dan knows everyone who helped out.


Force of Terror / FoT / AI

     The Force of Terror is the games hostile npc that follows the same rules and restrictions as human players. Everytime you click the 'LAND' button you have a chance to activate the FoT. Destroying the FoT base will render the FoT inactive for 7 days. All FoT lands will remain though requiring you to clean them all out individually. After the 7 days it will again be able to spawn a base near you if activated. When activated they will do one of the following actions;

-Spawns a base (This is the first action if there is no FoT in your area yet)

-Spawns lands

-Make troops

-Construct buildings on lands

-Attack a land of yours


    You cannot capture FoT lands but rather destroy them. Killing soldiers, destroying buildings and destroying lands will all award you with peacekeeping points which are used to buy perks. You also cannot trade with FoT and they will always deny your trade deal.


Force of Terror base with a nuclear silo built on it

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