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This is kind of not related to Domination: Earth but still kind of, is it will be played during this trip nevertheless.

Me, my girlfriend and our dog are going on a roadtrip (again) in the following two weeks. We are planning on a route going through Finland -> Sweden -> Denmark -> Germany -> Poland -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland. But this is our first time in most of these countries so I ask you locals: What is there to do and see in your country? Any and all inputs are greatly appreciated since we planned this all in basically two days and haven't had the time to check around the internet for all the activities and sights to be seen. Doesn't matter if you aren't local but know something you recommend to do or see in any of these countries please do let us know!

Edit: Any Do's and Don'ts are also appreciated if there are any 9_9

Also we will be sleeping mainly in a tent so no need for hotel suggestions.

Thank you already in advance!

// ValarMorghulis

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  • avoid baltic sea, it's overcrowded during summer (two month school break), full of cheap (in style, not prices) bars and pubs and hotels, but otherwise nothing to do but sunbathing and swimming (if cyanobacterias are not blooming - ask lifeguards, as some people will be swimming regardless of any bans), unless you're a fan of lighthouses :D but truly, if you want Baltic, german shore is much more quiet and civilized, though sometimes even too much - few places are a bit geriatric :D
  • avoid central Poland, it's mostly flat and boring;
  • don't be a football fan when talking with young people that look like you don't want to talk with them about football :D or you might be astonished that polish fans you'll meet may know finnish league from the Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi down to a regional leagues, and that their polish footbal club has either a friendship pact with your city or, well, it might have not and you'll be in trouble; this ain't that much an issue nowadays, but still might be a rare issue.
  • be carefull on the roads, lots of the main roads between cities are still single lined with lots of overtaking drivers, small villages and pedestrian crossings and intersections, panic braking before speed cameras etc.; we're still one of the top ranking countries in traffic accident statistics in europe.


  • tips are 10%, though not widely respected; rarely possible with a card
  • cards are rather widely accepted, though the small shops and tourist accommodations in agricultural areas might accept cash only
  • fuel quality is quite solid nowadays, still, avoid small fuel stations with unknown brands; the widely popular are Orlen, Circle K, BP and Shell; LPG is widely available
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Avoid mainstream brands of beer. This pics has most of them:


You'll find many better beers from local breweries. Mainstream beers are seriously ill in poland.

When crossing from Lithuania to polish Mazury, try some polish-lithuanian cousine:

  • Kartacze - special type of potato bun with meat
  • Sękacz - sweet cake of awesome shape

There will be many "standard" polish dishes in many cheap bars, incl.:


  • Kotlet Schabowy - breaded pork chop, like vienerschnitzel, but simpler
  • Pierogi - dumplings with various fillings
  • "De Volaille" - usually breaded chicken fillet rolled around butter or cheese
  • Placki Ziemniaczane

You'll also find a lot of pizzerias, kebabs and cheap vietnamese bars all around the country, even in smallest towns. Beware:

  • The "kebab" name in poland is always used for shoarma/doner. Hard to tell why.
  • Small and cheap vietnamese bars offer usually a very poor quality. Sometimes they call themselves "chinese", but the menu is usually the same. Generally check the menu. If it's very large and repetitive.

Supposedly top polish fast food is "zapiekanka", a kind of bread-pizza with champignons or other toppings and an absurd amount of ketchup:


Be aware that many polish restaurants put parsley or dill in all soups, meals, pastas etc. I find it grose. Ask in advance if you don't like it too :D

Try polish cider. Market is slowly emerging, but we have the most awesome apples in europe :)



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