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Domination: Earth

FOT trubble with land without defences

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I got lands outside my borders of a base. No suprise.

When I was in Latvia I had the problem that the FoT attacked my lands while I was upgrading them to get a base!!!!! Quite annoying.

I was also far far far south in Norway on the spiss. Now I'm upgrading the most southern land with unobtanium. That triggers the FOT to attack that land!

I hate this!

Please add a building that I must have in my capital that trains like: Scouts or rim guards. Like a limit with 10 or a little more. Idk, just enough to protect a little against the FOT. Make the building expensive please and the troops must cost at least 10 supplies per unit.

My southern land means a lot to me. This one is not like the others, it has value in my heart.



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Not only that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've also accidentally tuched rename land a few times... I don't write anything and then just press rename and I loose unobtanium. No change added and next time the same happens!!!!

Btw, the rename thing is not used much because it's expensive, I would rather use it if I payed 50unobtanium ones only or something. I love maps and would love to give my outpost and colonies a name.

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I feel you on this one Grizzly as I stumbled upon this problem myself last year. But no worry! There is a solution in the game as is. Just build a sandbag and keep repairing it and you will not lose any levels on the land when FoT attacks. So no need for 'quick' updates (if any) there. ^_^


Regarding the renaming I will throw in my thoughts on this.

- The cost for renames is way too high, I agree on that. A one-time buy to be able to rename lands might be a better choice in the sense that more people would probably buy it but then it would also give off a monetization vibe.

- 50 unobtanium for renaming lands? That's kind of high don't you think?

- Inappropriate names would become a problem really soon if prize is too low and more and more started buying said feature. There is no easy or simple way to check all renamed lands leading to some really bad land names or overburdening Dan.

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Yep. Even if the FoT attacks you right upon the land creation, you still have time enough to build a lv2 sandbag to let you survive the first wave.

Another good trick to break the attacks (to not have to keep watch of the sandbags) is not to upgrade the land any further, but build a second one in the merging range. You then merge the attacked land into the new one. The attacked land disappears and the FoT cannot attack you for another hour :D

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On 8/5/2019 at 12:26 AM, ValarMorghulis said:

..Just build a sandbag

Seriously griz, what are you complaining about?!

And as for you're "problem" with renaming a land, Idk what to tell you..

You can't complain to somebody because your just pressing random buttons and not paying attention.

And as for this expensive renaming nonsense may I remind you...


It's really not that bad. And it certainly isn't 50! Hell, moving an entire base is only 5! If you don't want to loose/pay ubt, then press ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE SCREEN EXCEPT "submit"

As a public service I'd like to remind everyone that while we all appreciate Dan for being the last programmer on earth with a conscience, it is the Complete Absence of not only Pay-to-Win mechanics, but also ads and any other seeming imperative to spend money on this game, that leads us to our current predicament, wherein the guy who makes the game we love has No F'n Money to rewrite this game in a new engine or pay for other supporting services and has to work 2 jobs to keep his own belly full!

So seriously, enough with the "it's too expensive" crap!

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@Irrelevents The issue is, and I fully agree on it, that the UI should never allow submitting an empty form and charge UBT. It's clearly a bug.

As for the sandbag/FoT issue, I'd also say the UI can be misleading. When FoT attacks an unprotected land, you still see the land, but when you click the battle icon, the screen shortly appears and then disappears with a "Battle has ended" message or something alike.

I remember myself losing few lands until I got the grasp of the mechanics, that the land is still not taken and I can still fight.

Though Grizz doesn't have much experience in putting his thought into writing, he sincerely brought to attention an important issue this time. :)

(Grizz: sticking to one general subject per thread and less exclamations would improve your writing a bit!)

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