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Domination: Earth

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Hey all,

It's been a while since the last update and I am aware that DE is in a bit of a bad shape right now; seems that we've run into a patch of trouble with both Apple and Google, where the latter has accidentally terminated our account responsible for in-game notifications and Google Sign-In.
What is worse is that in the course of investigation it has been uncovered that some assets in our latest version violate Google's developer policies (the reference to Google Maps, which is fair enough considering that our affiliation with Google Maps ended a while ago, but the images remained), so we cannot release an update addressing the notification & sign-in failure while the problematic 2D assets are still in the game.

I have no choice but to expedite the development of our new "2.0" design and replace our UI entirely in the near future as the alternative is either an embarrassing "hodgepodge" (i.e. our current app with very specific images replaced by something that looks out of place) or a forced removal of DE from the Play Store, which is not something I'd like to see happen.

Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of time I would not be able to complete 100% of the changes initially planned for the 2.0; some of the unfinished screens & assets will be based on the existing materials with minimal adjustments to fit them into the overall new style of the app, and I will be gradually improving the look & feel of all components as the time allows.

However, I have made some progress with the Apple side of our app and am hopeful that the 2.0 release will happen for both platforms (Android and iOS).

It is worth mentioning that there will be no game mechanics changes in the new version; everything will continue functioning as it did before.
This is purely a visual overhaul of the app.

On a separate and a more positive subject:
Christmas is coming and this year we have decided to award all active players with Unobtainium without any requirements other than the need to login and play in December. ;)
The exact Unobtainium amount is still to be determined and may depend on your activity, so I'll leave it as a surprise. :)

As always, please post if you have any questions!

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12 hours ago, Republic of America said:

I've been kicked out of Google login so i cannot play so I look forward to 2.0.

Rushing through it every evening after work; most of the main screens are done, just have the Unobtainium purchase UI and the side-menu accessory windows left (alliances, messages etc.)!

However, if someone is currently locked out because of the google sign-in issue, you can assign a password to your account via the "Forgot your password?" facility (reset password via PIN; this facility has been recently fixed!) or PM me and I'll change your password to a random one manually. ;)

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On 13/12/2019 at 5:18 PM, The one true king said:

Ah but I just had this as well and the reset via the pin does not seem to work... if this is a global thing we just have to wait a bit?

Does it still not work for you?
I have tested the password reset emails on several different accounts 15 minutes after my previous post in this thread and the emails have arrived.

If in doubt, PM me your email and I'll check that it is the right one indeed and can also change your password manually myself (don't tell me any of your current passwords, I can just assign a random password to the account and message it to you afterwards). ;)

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On 21/12/2019 at 12:48 AM, The one true king said:

In regards to the Christmas gift, i assume we will get this on Christmasday? 

Nope, sorry, we're waiting for the last day of December to give everyone a chance to participate. ;)

(considering the time zone difference it is likely that for some parts of the world the rewards will happen on the 1st of January)

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Okay, the results are in!

We have decided to award every player with 1 unit of Unobtainium for 1 day of activity (i.e. land capture) in December.

The top 6 most active players are (name - number of days played):

Force of Terror (Ai) 30  
[URAS] Z3nd 29  
Олег Поленин 29  
Kellenasia 28  
Tanyon 27  
Tigercaller 23  


As you can see, our Ai really had no break during holidays apart from yesterday and worked super hard to keep everyone entertained! :D

But well done everyone else for keeping the terrorists at bay! ;)

Happy new year, ladies & gentlemen!

There will be another exciting announcement shortly; stay tuned. ;)

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