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Domination: Earth

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11 hours ago, Mr. D said:

When the quest expires there may be a small delay before it actually disappears & reappears as there's a "quest cleanup cycle" which is a separate process linked to nearby player activity.

So if you still see a quest on the map you can pick it up indeed (it will work), but it may not be wise to start a really long travel to do so as it can disappear any moment. :)
Usually this delay is fairly small though, so please let me know if you have lots of expired quests lying around for hours.

All is fine. Delay is around a 24 hours. Few are still there, one disapear just now. Actually it is nice feature to run for it and not know when exactly will be gone. As described in my previous post, I am just not sure about reward ballancing. Am I greedy pig?

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Surely 8 radio transmitters aren't the only reward for that quest? 😉

But as stated above, rewards are procedurally generated; sometimes the same quest may be more rewarding than others.

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4 hours ago, Kubogojev said:

Thanks. Makes sence. But if this is really so, it is not very motivating award :) I can produce this for 1 piece of supplies, often deleting it as I rather keep space for supermagnets. Capture 15 factories for reward of 8 radios? Hmmm

I kind of have a similar opinion. I suspect from quests are worth pursuing for the rewards alone, while others are fine if that is what one is planning to do anyway. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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