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Domination: Earth

I got only 3 inventory (Items and Power-ups) slots

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Hi, I have another problem

To define, with inventory I mean the place where you store your items and power ups (not warehouse).

As far as I have heard and seen, everyone has got 10 inventory slots for items/power-ups. I got only 3 of them. Maybe there was an update that people weren't aware of, but It seems weird for everyone to have 10 slots but me only 3.

The game is still playable and still pretty balanced, but kinda reduces my possibilities and options. For example if a quest gives you 4 Experimental magnets for which I don't have enough inventory space.

I tried withdrawing items from my warehouse when I had 3/3 items in my inventory, but that just throws the message that I don't have enough space for that.

Thanks for resolving this issue 🙂




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