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2 hours ago, Crazyjack13 said:

Are alliances only between two players? Is there a way to have a group as an alliance?

@The one true king is correct, but you can invite each member of a group individually and that would have the same effect (all members of the alliance will share resources etc.). :) 

Binoculars show general country statistics (such as total lands captured by all players) and some information about the leader (not just the leader). ;) 

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Having an alliance with someone means that you both can let you lands overlap without any problems. You can capture new lands as if the other one wouldn't exist. The lands of your allies will be marked with a blue flag instead of a red or grey one. It is not possible to merge your lands with allied lands.
Resources sharing works whenever your ally was online within the last hour within 500 meters (if I remember this correctly) the collected resources will then be splitted and always rounded up. So if you were three people and one of you is collecting one Personnel everyone would get one.

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