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3 minutes ago, Masson said:

Good day.  

Going to the top today, I saw that the "support points" froze in place at the number 24. (I was flattered by the subscription almost from the very start of the game).  Perhaps there was a failure?  Does anyone have such a problem? (GT)

Are you referring to the "Top Game Supporters" leaderboard?

We've had a bunch of complaints in the past about the other boards, but never this one. I'll look into it. ;)

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On 9/17/2020 at 4:15 PM, ValarMorghulis said:

In the past? We still have atleast one active you know? Richest leaderboard is also bugged and frozen and has been like that for ages

I did not say that we suffer from the lack of current complaints, I meant "the past" relative to the post's creation time (even 1 minute less is "the past"). 😅

I am sorry I didn't get a chance to investigate this yet, have been swarmed with other issues, new developments and attempts to resolve coaching strategies. :)

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@ValarMorghulis I have found an issue with the "Richest Lands" leaderboard and deployed a fix.
Prior to the fix the only trigger that updated that leaderboard was the manual collection of money from the map.
This should no longer be the case and the leaderboard will be updated via other forms of resource collection.
However, the 24-hour delay still applies.

I would also like to remind everyone that this leaderboard does not display everyone's current amount of money, but the highest total one has ever been able to achieve.
I.e. if you accumulate 2,000,000 money and reach the #1 spot in the leaderboard, but then spend all of it, your #1 spot with the 2,000,000 value will remain there forever until someone accumulates more than that (the value does not go down).

In regard to the Top Game Supporters leaderboard: I'm afraid I cannot see any problems with it, everything appears to function correctly for me.
If the problem persists, I may need to ask to provide some more details as to what the expected value is / when did the purchase take place and what is the current value shown in the leaderboard (i.e. the discrepancy).

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