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Domination: Earth

2.5.1 Multiple buildings per land & capture rule adjustment

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Hi all,

Version 2.5.1 appeared on the Play Store and App Store, featuring:

  • Attack and defence structures (walls, guard towers, missile launchers etc.) on bases and lands below level 100 will no longer "stack" and replace the flag.
    Instead, each of those buildings will appear independently around the flag or base (between 50-150m away from the land's centre) allowing to perform attacks using each of the buildings separately or to remove some of the structures, same as with objects placed on level 100+ lands.
  • Fixed a bug causing intermittent freezes upon launch of the Earth View screen.
  • Land damage & PvP-effects from land captures using the flag button, as well as structure-based capture blocks have been removed as we now have a number of veterans in the game with lands approaching (or above) level 2,000, covering enormous areas.
    New players could not start to play or advance in these locations due to presence of attack structures blocking new captures & upgrades, plus any merges of the aforementioned "land giants" resulted in mass damage to every land of all local opponents.
    It is only fair that we allow new users to play even if they are (un)lucky enough to start next to a veteran.
    If you do want to continue using the land to deal damage to new players, you will have to select an attack structure (e.g. Guard Tower) and perform the attack manually.

Please post if you have any questions!

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I do like the idea of unstacking the structures on lands in as much as being able to access a guard tower "covered" by a missile launcher. My main concern is that there is now a lot of graphics clutter on the map. This likely slows rendering of objects, which impacts high density areas. It also makes it potentially problematic when trying to select an land that's under the structure of another land.

Before I downloaded the update, I saw all the structures on the land itself, which I liked as one could cycle through to get to the desired structure. Perhaps this could be restored with perhaps a pop-up menu for choosing which attack structure to use. (Sandbag walls really don't need to be selected.)

Another option would be to create a filter for land structures that can be toggled off. This would help with graphics speed and the clutter as well.

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