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Domination: Earth

"Must be present on a base" error

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Sorry @BrianK, but I can't seem to reproduce the problem.
I have a theory about what may be causing this and will include a potential fix in the next version, but it's hard to be sure until the problem is reproduced on my end.

Would you be able to PM me a screenshot of where you are located relative to your base to assist with this investigation?

Just to confirm, you are seeing the "Actions available while stationed at a base" UI on Earth View, correct?

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4 hours ago, ValarMorghulis said:

This is an old "bug" (more of a false error). You are full on storage. You need to upgrade your warehouse or delete some of your other powerups to make space

That is true, the error does appear when your warehouse is full and you are not near a base.
However, I'd assumed from the original message that @BrianK is at a base and should have been able to collect the produced items regardless.

But yes, it is something I'd recommend checking as well (thanks, @ValarMorghulis;))!

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