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Domination: Earth

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Hello everyone,

Following feedback received from our players we've decided to perform an overhaul of the land capture mechanics and made some big changes!

The most important issue we've tried to solve is the ability to "capture the world" (or a very large chunk of it at least :)) without leaving one place that you visit regularly (e.g. work, school, university). 
Because "Domination: Earth" promotes travel (hiking, cycling and other forms of real-world exploration) we really didn't want frequent travelers to lose in comparison to those who have the ability to check in frequently from the same location.

Additionally, it's been pointed out that enormous lands which you can create in only a couple of days of active gameplay cause real discomfort in areas with 5 or more players (we've literally started to run out of space in some corners of Earth!).
Although we do support wars and player-vs-player interactions, living in a constant fear of "collateral damage" in a city that gets crowded after only a few check-ins isn't what we planned either. :) 

Accordingly, the following changes were made:

  • Land Capture radius has been reduced to 5m per level, maximum land level is set to 100.
    It is no longer possible to capture the entire country from behind your office desk by checking in daily at work, and creating super-sized lands (i.e. at some point you will have to travel elsewhere ;)).
    This will also reduce the level of tension between players in small towns and villages, as more people will be able to coexist peacefully with a larger number of lands fitting within one area.
  • Maximum base level has been increased to 100, so bases can grow a lot further than before.
  • Land expansion is now connected to the constructed buildings and their upgrades. To reach maximum land level you will need to support that land with defensive and offensive structures.
    First 10 levels of land have no requirements, but every 10 levels after that will ask for 1 more building or upgrade.
  • Defensive structures (Guard Towers, Missile Launchers, Nuclear Silos) can now attack lands immediately adjacent to yours (center of the enemy land no longer has to be located within your land's radius for the guard towers to function).
    Accordingly, small lands suffering from a large land nearby will now be able to retaliate as soon as the larger land's border touches yours.
  • Presence of a Guard Tower or other offensive structure now blocks damage taken from enemies capturing land nearby. The only way to damage a protected land now is to destroy the Guard Tower with an army first.
  • Resource icons now show the exact number of that resource located in the area.
  • Some tutorial steps have been switched around, with wall construction and resource collection stages appearing sooner.


Please post if something doesn't make sense or if you have any questions!

Remember, "Domination: Earth" and its development is driven by player feedback, so your opinion matters! ;) 

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