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Domination: Earth

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15 hours ago, Ruvox said:

I got a broken Quest "local roundup" which is no longer counting any Travel Points which I am collecting. So I am currently unable to complete this Quest but I don't want to abandon it.

Hi @Ruvox!

Could you please elaborate on the "no longer" part, i.e. what is the current quest progress? :)
Testing this quest locally myself, the Travel Point award from land captures does seem increase the progress.
Wondering if you have obtained Travel Points via an untested scenario... this happened after a new level 1 land capture, right?

I've rebooted the server just in case something froze as well; please let me know if the issue disappears on its own. ;)

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It's stuck at 4/9 Travel Points and 16/16 Personnel. Yesterday I performed about 4 or 5 "usual" captures of new level 1 lands, about 5 "stacked" captures of new level 1 lands and a capture of a Personnel Recruitment Beacon. All of those generated Travel Points but did not count towards the quest.

I also had this quest untouched for about a week since I'm not collecting many Travel Points during lockdown. But I'll let you know when I got another chance if it works again.

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Same thing has been happening to me again this week.  Here are a couple of examples on the Peacekeeping Force and Frightful Presence quests.  The Peacekeeping one never accumulated any stats, and the other one I was halfway done and then it stopped.  I'm on iOS, if it matters.

Something similar was happening soon after Quests were first released, then I hadn't noticed it for a while.  I've completed other quests recently without issue.





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