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Domination: Earth

Issue regarding flat earth

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Me and an ally figured out an interesting issue playing around with drones. 

If you zoom far out you will notice that, while the map itselfs seems infinite in East-West direction, the actual displayed countrystats will only appear once on the map. If you capture some land, it will also only appear once on the map. However, if you scroll enough west- or eastbound you will come to the same place and be unable to capture a land there since there is already a land, even though you can't see it at that position. 

So far so good. Everything seems to be only displayed once on the map but acts like its everywhere on the (infinite) map on the same coordinates. But not everything. If you will capture a land on the not exact same spot but near the one you can't (one world scope in each direction plus 50 meters) you will be able to capture a land there which will be only visible on exactly that spot. Moreover, you will be able to convert it into an outpost even if you already have a base or outpost in range (theoretically at the same spot but one earth scope apart).

This leads to the possibility of nearly infinite bases/outposts. It seems to be an interesting inconsistent flat earth 😅

I guess the intended behavior was the (infinite) map acting as only one earth no matter how far you go east- or westbound but only displaying everything once?


It's a little bit hard to explain but I hope you get it. If not I will gladly again provide a video demonstrating this.

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