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Domination: Earth

Unable to complete quest - too many supplies

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There are a few in-game ways of using Supplies pretty fast though:

  • Producing items using your Assembly Plant(s)
  • Trading with other players
  • Use the Expert Settler Perk, this can cost up to 5% of your maximum storage capacity of Supplies if you use stacked captures
  • Constructing and upgrading Concrete Walls, Assembly Plants and Warehouses at your Bases and Outposts also requires many Supplies
  • Each Soldier costs you one Personnel and one Supplies so go out and fight the AI ;)
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23 hours ago, Isabellez said:

Hi there, not sure if there is now an option to delete supplies? I would appreciate it if you could reset mine to 0 so that I can complete the Recycling benefits quest :)

@Ruvox is correct!

However, I am happy to help out with resetting your supplies in this instance (done!), please let me know if there's anything else we can assist with. ;)

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