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    Interestingly enough, clearing the cache did not help but clearing all app data did the job.
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    Biiiiig thank you for this change! Did you just listen what I wrote last week???? :)))) As I am alone in my town I just slammed all the AI ´s lands one by one complaining that this enemy is like my three year old son....and since yesterday they re-build whole army (now I am weak) and build suddenly two missiles next to each other!!! Crazy! I need to go for the run now and collect new personell, or I am in big trouble tomorrow! Love you guys for this game!
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    Server maintenance is now complete, no further downtime is expected. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
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    Hi all, We will be performing some maintenance later this week in order to improve stability of our servers and availability of the game (exact time & date are TBD). During this process "Domination: Earth" will be offline (the game will display a "No internet connection" error); I am hopeful that this won't take longer than an hour. However, please check this thread for any updates.
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    Looks like it's fixed with RobotWizard as I successfully made an offer for a land. 😊 This bug seems to happen randomly as another player recently upgraded to a level 10 base, and I was able to make a trade right after. I presume that it's not exactly random, but the difference eludes me.
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    Only if it becomes your new source of the GPS coordinates. Simply using a proxy for network traffic or any security purpose that does not involve changing your GPS coordinates is fine. When in doubt, simply check if your in-game blue dot matches your real-life position. If it isn't because of an app you've installed on purpose - that's what is against the rules and will get you in trouble. If not, you have nothing to worry about.
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    No problem at all, I hope my advice helped! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
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    Evidently, carsnow2011 has a level 10 base, but the bug is affecting my ability to trade with them. Edit: never mind. Looks like I was working off of wrong information.
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    Спасибо вам, это решило проблему, проблема была в том, что не был подключен интернет GPS, после этого приложение заработало.🙂
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    Hi all, An exciting release has landed onto the Play Store and will appear on the App Store shortly: we are saying goodbye to our old "Goals" page and hello to the brand new "Quests" tab! That's right, starting from version 2.3.0 "Domination: Earth" features a system of quests and a new tutorial process based on these. Here's a brief summary of what you need to know about quests: Each "Quest" consists of one or more requirements and rewards. Requirements can include almost anything: from resource and item collection to attacking the AI and establishing new bases. After registering a new account your quest log will contain two quests: start of the tutorial chain ("Establishing First Base") and one regular quest. Existing accounts / veteran players who've completed the legacy tutorial will be prompted to complete the new tutorial after performing one of the basic actions (capturing new land, upgrading a building etc.), so don't worry, no one's going to miss out on rewards. Your Quest Log allows to store 3 concurrently active quests (unless expanded using Unobtainium), but all tutorial quests are "free" and will not occupy a quest slot. Completing / abandoning a quest will free up a slot to start a new quest accordingly. Please note that the "One quest to rule them all" is not part of the tutorial chain and does occupy a quest slot until completed. Quest progress is recorded after the quest is started. So if a quest asks to collect 50 Supplies and you already have 1,000 in your possession you're still going to have to get out and collect 50 more to complete the quest. New quests appear all around the world just like resources, but unlike resources they cannot be collected via drones, land captures or items. Each quest has to be collected manually from no further than 100m by using the small "hand" button on its marker tooltip. There are roughly 3 quests available per 15x15km area at all times, so the 3 quests you see around you are the quests you'll have to collect (their number will not change). However, quests reset every 7 days, so if the current set is completely inaccessible they will reappear elsewhere eventually. Most quest contents are procedurally generated and non-tutorial quests can be repeated more than once, so you may encounter the same quest again, but its objectives and rewards are likely to differ every time. Additionally, the same quest may appear as time-based (and can be failed) or infinite depending on your luck. If you fail a time-based quest its timer can be restarted using Unobtainium. The current quest progress will not reset and you'll be able to continue completing the quest from where you left off. Completion of the basic tutorial and a couple of other quests offer Unobtainium in reward. A new "Quests" map filter is now available on Earth View allowing to show/hide quest locations. Additionally, the following non-quest adjustments were made: As many countries around the world are lifting the COVID-19 related restrictions we've lowered the chance to obtain Exploration Drones from scrapping, so you will see a lot fewer of them from now on. However, an occasional quest may offer Exploration Drones as rewards now. Added new icons for items, regional leaderboards and travel points. Each land and base now has a "Manage" button in their context menus on Earth View allowing easier access to the building list. "Scrap Items" can now be accessed via a button on Earth View that has replaced the old "Goals" button. Maximum level of all Perks has been increased. As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback!
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    The "walkie-talkie" is actually a Radio Transmitter. This is an item that you can carry or store in a Warehouse. These can also be produced at an Assembly Plant.
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    Isn't that resource stations? We already got those! 😊 There are three different resource stations, they all give one of the three main resources (coins, personnel and supplies) and they have a timer of about one week. They have a low low chance to spawn whenever you use the flag buttong but have a much higher spawnrate when your base levels up. I'm sorry I don't have any screenshots to give you at this moment to see what you are looking for but they will appear on the map
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    Tutorials are not meant for older players who know how to build barracks and other stuff newbies are asking about. We got it just so we don't miss out on rewards, I guess, but it's not something we should now complain about because it's too easy to do... Not like it's going to be a problem in a month or two, when all oldies complete it (or decide not to bother) and only new players are going to have it... So as a heads up for older players - cool 😊 but for developers... Not sure how it's something they should worry about... Thanks for letting us earn some extra unobtainium, @Mr D! 🙃
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    Drone option? I have never heard of it and even having a look I find it on the game. For the questions I solved, I uploaded that of the tutorial and other missions to collect have appeared on the map today. They are not far away, I will try to collect them without being fined by the police 🙃. Thanks for the reply
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    The quest log works fine now! I was picking the quests with the small hand button, but it popped the error, and the quest disappeared. Hopefully, that could be fixed as you fixed the quest log 🙂 I will reply once I try collect a quest 😁 Thanks a lot!
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    Thank you for the report and my apologies for the issue! Please try scrapping again and let me know if the reward messages still don't appear. I'm really sorry to hear about the current situation in your country, but the only thing I can recommend at this point is to ignore the new tutorial until you regain the ability to travel. That tutorial quest does not occupy a quest slot, so you should still be able to take at least 2 other new quests that do not require to travel that far (and if they do you can simple abandon them and take some others ). There is the ability to capture remote lands using Exploration Drones and upgrade these to level 5 (this would also satisfy the tutorial requirements), but this option is only available if you have some Unobtainium in your possession. In any case, I apologize for the inconvenience caused, this global pandemic has sabotaged all travel-related industries and our game too. But at the moment we are hopeful and do not plan to change the core game mechanics with a focus on playing exclusively from home; I do believe that the virus will be defeated eventually and we will all get to explore our planet once again.
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    Afternoon, everyone! As some of you noticed, something's changed in the game and the AI may have started to act a bit... different. Don't panic, it's not the machine uprising and all changes are intended. A fairly big feature release is planned for the near future; we hope to do it by the end of the week, maybe sooner, but not going to make any promises yet. I'll also refrain from spoilers, but will address a couple of concerns: Yes, the Peacekeeping Point calculation has been adjusted. Slaying of terrorist soldiers is no longer the primary source of points and instead of getting a point per kill you will now receive only 1 point per 20 terrorists slain (i.e. 5 per 100 soldiers) with a maximum of 10 points per battle. This is a significant change indeed, cause by the fact that we are about to introduce a new (much more efficient) way to acquire these points. Stay tuned for version 2.3.0; separate announcement to follow. AI has become smarter, more dangerous and more "alive" indeed. All attributes of its behaviour are now dynamic: they vary per AI base and get regenerated every 24 hours. Some bases will focus on building a massive army as quickly as possible, some AI bases will rapidly capture new lands, some of them will stay dormant and do absolutely nothing and everything will change every day. So if you're suddenly experiencing and influx of terrorist soldiers just remember: your mission is to survive for 24 hours. Additionally, AIs growth will now vary depending on the number of stronger players nearby. I.e. its army will be bigger next to a bunch of veterans and remain smaller in the area populated with new players. However, none of the numbers / growth values and other parameters are scripted, so almost anything can happen. As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback!
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    Awesome, glad you've been able to progress! There are some quests that require completing the objective via specific means (e.g. using a drone or the flag capture), but this requirement will be displayed as an additional icon next to the progress counter. All tutorial steps are fairly generic though.
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    Hi is it possible to have an undo option at all?? Instead of pressing the eye icon to view a random outpost in Wigan I accidentally pressed the flag option and spent 5 unobtainium or whatever on upgrading it to a level 2! My fault coz I've been drinking all night but would be good to undo it if possible.
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    I just updated and still have only the old six filter options. Btw, nice new items icon
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    Sujet : Les ressources et où les trouver Auteur original : Mr. D Traducteur : Ewpiwel (#Romain7799) Comme vous le savez, il y a quatre type de ressources dans Domination Earth (l'argent, le personnel, les fournitures et l'Unobtainium). Toutes les ressources, sauf l'Unobtainium, apparaissent autour de 5 kilomètres lors de votre capture de base (càd Bouton avec le drapeau). Toutes les ressources sont visibles par tous et collectables par tous. Donc vous devez prendre les ressources avant les autres. La visibilité des ressources est de 10 kilomètres, une fois passé ce rayon de 10 kilomètres, elle ne seront plus visibles (mais toujours présentes !!). Il y a deux types de de ressources sur la carte : les sources et les items à collecter. Comme vous vous en doutez, les items collectés viennent s'ajouter à votre inventaire, mais disparaissent de la carte. Les sources sont semi-permanentes, elles durent 7 jours, donc veillez à les capturer le plus vite possible ! Dès le moment où vous capturez une source elle va vous rapporter quelques ressources (du type de la source) toutes les heures. Mais faites attention à vos ennemis : les joueurs qui capturerons ce territoire avec un niveau plus haut que vous prendra le contrôle de la source. Pour la récupérer, vous devez avoir un territoire plus haut niveau que lui (ou simplement écrasez-le avec votre armée) Attention : les joueurs dans une alliance ne peuvent "voler" la station à leur alliés. Ici vous trouverez où trouver les ressources, et à quoi elle correspondent : Argent Apparaît n'importe où dans le monde (même dans l'eau, si vous avez un bateau, c'est l'occasion rêvée !) Peut aussi être obtenu avec la férailleuse. Fournitures Ce type de ressource apparaît dans hors des villes, dans les campagnes, forêts, ect... (tous les lieux qui n'ont pas d'adresses) Peut aussi être obtenu avec la férailleuse. Personnel Cette resource appraît dans les villes ou villages. Vous allez rarement trouver du personnel dans les campagnes, chemins... Ne peut être obtenu avec la férailleuse. Unobtainium Si le l'on traduisait, ça ressemblerai à ça : "Impossibleaobtenirium" bon, ok, ça veut rien dire, mais c'est fun. Ressource qui s'achète via Play Store/App Store. Sert à construire des bâtiments spéciaux. PS : inutile d'essayer de hacker les achats, ça ne fonctionne pas.
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