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  1. Great stuff! A quick clarification though, this means that we can flag an area every 15 mins but to claim them we still have to wait 15 mins (online) each as well? And will base relocation work in offline mode eventually?
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  2. Correct, map filters do affect auto-collection, I should add a clarification indeed! It would not work any other way, unfortunately, as when any item/resource/character is filtered out, it simply isn't loaded from the server and the app doesn't know about their existence (so cannot trigger collection due to proximity). The server does not actively monitor your position either (that would be an overkill and a potential privacy concern), so cannot trigger automated collections as well. And pre-loading all data in the client regardless of filters (but just not showing it) would consume more t
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  3. Interesting new changes. I especially appreciate the offline capture feature since it also helps with very frustrating situations on ferries or airplanes that use satellite internet and block some things necessary for domination. I guess we can just turn off our internet connection in those cases? I'm a little bit sad to loose the possibility to scrap for drones. But I'm excited for those upcoming mini-games. There is one non-essential but irritating cosmetic problem with the new update, possible limited to my device and similar ones. The devices tool and status bar (at the top and b
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