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  2. I'm have the same issue in iOS. Can't capture land or do any resource pick-ups. If you hit the Land button, you get the Please Wait... prompt, then nothing. If you hit the Land button again, absolutely nothing happens. If you switch off of the Earth View and back, the Land button gives the wait prompt one time again, then nothing. With the Pick up button, you get the wait prompt, the small capture circle appears (the larger radius circle does not appear if you have any items active), but nothing is captured. And obviously they are using the same Land mechanism, but can't place Explor
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  4. Thanks, guys! All this additional information helps!
  5. Ok, fair enough, 5 TP may have been a little to steep. I have adjusted this cost to be 1 TP from now on, which translates to "go literally anywhere outside of your house (no matter how close to the land border) and that will allow you to get some additional resources". However, I think saying that there is no reason to have additional bases is a bit over-dramatic. Not only your current resource capacity is significantly larger than any new player's (and collecting the manually-spawned resources using a super magnet while outside your base actually stores every single one of them without
  6. There's been an in-app update containing this bug, but another update was released almost immediately after that. Could you please try restarting the app after playing for a minute or two and let me know if this still happens?
  7. That could have been it, as I was close to full. However, right now I'm getting an oops something is wrong error instead, and I made sure I had plenty of warehouse space.
  8. Since the new update I haven’t been able to grow lands that are already established. Both when I tap the flag button and use the flag menu it goes through the “please wait” pop-up, but after that nothing happens. I’m on iOS.
  9. OK, here is what I dislike about the new Tracking Satellite mechanics: Travel Points resemble distance traveled. I would never travel 5 km just to acquire on random pile of resources. It's no good cost-benefit ratio. You already nerfed the Tracking Satellite earlier by removing any advantage someone with big or many lands had concerning resources collection. Naturally it gets harder while advancing in Domination to obtain Travel Points. The longer you play, the harder it gets. For most late gamers there is nearly no chance of getting Travel Points during their daily routine.
  10. For reference, I have an iPhone SE (2020) and a 6th generation iPad.
  11. This issue was before 2.6.0 and seems to be fixed now. At least the counter resets again after the placement of the new utility structure. Although I still dis not tried this in those ca. 2 seconds before it resets.
  12. Interesting. I cannot scroll in the messages menu neither (iPhone 7, sw 14.0.1
  13. This should be fixed by the next in-app update, just give it a minute and restart the app. 😉
  14. Oh. In that case I think there’s a bug, since the flag button isn’t upgrading for me anymore.
  15. That's exactly how it works, yes. The old way to upgrade utility structures is still there. 😉
  16. This is nice, but having it automatically level the nearest was nice too. Maybe the flag button picks automatically and you can manually choose another structure by clicking it?
  17. (Not that I’m complaining. There’ve been several times when I mean to level one structure but it levels another close by.)
  18. This should solve that “problem” people were talking about regarding hardcore couching. With good spacing you could level several utilities at once.
  19. Hmm... unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce what you're describing: placing a new utility structure and upgrading that utility structure both produce a confirmation window illustrating the cost of the 2nd+ capture. Are you definitely running the latest version of the app (2.6.0)? It should be easy to verify by checking if you are able to select an individual utility structure and upgrade it via the small flag on its tooltip (exactly the same as the remote land upgrades). If you do not have that small flag button then your app may be out of date! The cost changes randomly e
  20. And the first in-app update has landed! Everyone should receive it after playing 2.6.0 for around a minute and restarting the app (if it doesn't happen straight away, don't panic, it will eventually ). It is now possible to upgrade each individual utility structure by using a small "Flag" button on its tooltip (similar to remote land upgrades). That is all.
  21. Mr. D

    Large land mergers

    That is exactly what we're trying to do here! Thanks, Luna.
  22. Could be three random resources at level 3 though! It was changed for two reasons: Complaints about the satellite consuming personnel, which makes collection of personnel via satellite less rewarding. Travel points are a good logical alternative as a satellite "fuel": this way you don't have to have resources to collect resources (TP are acquired by any travels, including those that don't result in any resource gain, so satellites reward those who travel instead of those who amassed a lot of personnel) and it is also another counter-couching measure (especially for people
  23. Luna

    Large land mergers

    In my opinion, grinding structures up to level 1000 and then deleting them seems a bit antithetical to the focus on travel. I hit level 1000 on the turret by my house, so I started spending more time by the lake to grind a spot there instead, which seems much more in line with the playstyle that D’s tried to encourage with the travel point system.
  24. Well, I probably won’t use tracking satellites anymore. It doesn’t seem like one random resource is worth the tp cost. Why was it changed? The personnel cost seemed fine.
  25. Hi all, Version 2.6.0 is now available on the App Store and Play store, featuring: Tracking Satellite can now be upgraded to level 3, allowing to collect an additional resource per building level. Construction cost has been adjusted to include peacekeeping points. Tracking Satellite resource collection action no longer costs personnel, but instead requires 5 Travel Points. This cost remains the same regardless of the building level, so a level 3 satellite will collect 3 random resources for 5 Travel Points. Version 2.6.0 contains an in-app updater, which
  26. Last week
  27. Also still an issue for me on an iPhone and iPad after updating. Adding to what Kubogejev said above....On the Earth View: press and hold, slide, stretch, and pinch gestures all work fine. Also, the pull-down menu with Messages, Trade Management, etc. scrolls up and down fine. But none of the pull-down menu item screens or the My Lands, Perks, and Quest screens are scrollable. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  28. One more input... maybe that can help to understand root cause. I am curious, how it is possible, that in the map screen, scrolling works just fine. But I understand that it is not really the scrolling in the menu, but it is movement within the map. What I am saying, my finger movement works in my device / game just fine...
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