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  2. Also, quintupling the supply price is raising it by a lot, not a little.
  3. I was talking about in terms of balance. When deciding whether to build a silo, solar panel, beacon, or turret in a new location, it seems like there’s very little reason to build a beacon anymore, since the rebalance heavily favors supplies in fights, and pretty much all buildings use supplies and not personnel.
  4. Fuel Cell Powertrain Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Power Output (Less than 150 kW, 150-250 kW, More than 250 kW), By Components (Fuel Cell System, Battery System, Drive System, Hydrogen Storage System, Others), By Vehicle Type (Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicle, Buses), and Regional Forecast, 2020-2027

  5. It is worth remembering that, first of all, you aren't meant to achieve the maximum level in all skills in only a couple of days. Characters are an open-ended long-term investment without a level cap and some players have been with us for years; some things are supposed to take a long time and function as a veteran player reward. However, please also remember that the diplomacy bonus is cumulative from all characters assigned to your base. So to achieve the value of 50 you could have 3 characters with 17 Diplomacy each. Additionally, this entire bonus could be acquired from items. Ev
  6. I’ve tried the new system for a big, and the ability xp costs seem incredibly high considering the scale you seem to expect them to reach. Diplomacy has a multiplier for reaching level 50, but that would take an unbelievably long time to reach, since the cost increases every level.
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  8. Sorry to hear that, @kank! The army cooldown should not affect your ability to use the attack structures. I will investigate! But is this still happening or can you perform attacks now?
  9. It’s weird that the command center doesn’t require any personnel. That seems like exactly what would need them.
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  11. Also, maybe everyone could start with a leader character with the same name as their display name.
  12. I like the beacon idea, that makes a lot of sense. Not entirely sure how it would work from a programming level, but some variation of it would be really good for balance. It’d mean more characters would spawn in areas with a lot of players so they wouldn’t have to fight over them.
  13. Also, now that personnel beacons are even worse because of the army resource rebalance, maybe characters have a higher chance of spawning around high level ones?
  14. There should be some way of picking these new items up from a farther distance. With quests having them spawn in an unreachable location was okay because you could just ignore them, but this is the entire basis of the overhauled combat system. The only character I see nearby spawned in a lake, so I can’t do anything with the new system.
  15. cause I cant shoot nobody, and the fot attack was more then hour ago...
  16. while the battle cooldown you cant shoot your weapons (towers and rockets), right? for an hour...
  17. Fixed and... ...fixed! 🙂 Additional tabs would get a bit messy, but since we only have a few items that can be activated keeping them on top of the list sounds perfectly reasonable. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with. No worries, it has been indeed! 🙂 I hope you like these new features and not just suffering through them though. 😁
  18. Some quick feedback, for your consideration....I've now picked up a few character items which show first with their larger boxes in the storage/warehouse list. I suspect that I will still be going into my storage list most often to activate super magnets, bullhorns, etc. which now all appear at the bottom. I can see it getting annoying having to scroll to the bottom every time to get to the items I'm most interested in, especially as more character items are collected. It would be nice to either have the original collectables and the character collectables on different tabs, or have the
  19. Thanks for the report, @EMonster! Will investigate. You are correct, the only way to equip items currently are via the characters screen ("menu -> characters -> items"). The disabled button on the inventory screen is there to highlight that it's not one of the items that can be activated.
  20. I think an inventory bug has been introduced relating to character items, at least on iOS. If I move character items from storage into available item slots, then equip a character with the item, the item slots are still occupied on the Items screen. (See screenshot below) If I reverse the steps....unequip from the character, then move the items back into the warehouse, the available count goes back to zero. And maybe this is a related question....should I be able to equip a character directly from the Items screen? The Equip button is not active. I have to go to Characters -&g
  21. Version 2.7.0 is now available on the Play Store. It is recommended to download the update manually as there have been reports of certain devices struggling with downloading the latest version via an in-game updater facility due to its larger than usual size. App Store (iOS) version is still being prepared, I will post again as soon as it becomes available. 😉
  22. Hi all, An exciting new update is about to launch, initially as an in-app update for early testing (later today) and next week+ as version 2.7.0 on the App Store. Edited: Play Store version 2.7.0 is now live. This is a major update featuring a number of changes to the core game mechanics and several feature additions. Characters & Items. A new type of collectibles has been added to the game in the form of Characters. Collectible characters appear at random locations, same as resources, and can be picked up when standing close enough and by using the "Pick up" button.
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  24. Mr. D

    Supplies deletion

    No problem, and I'm really happy to hear that you're enjoying "Domination: Earth"! Supplies have been lowered to 500, please let me know if there's anything else I can help with!
  25. If you could lower it to ~500 that would be wonderful and thank you for making such a great game
  26. Mr. D

    Supplies deletion

    Hi @Noahnah, There isn't a way to delete materials besides spending them on buildings and army, but I am happy to lower any amount of resources for you manually. Would you like me to reset your supplies to zero or lower them to a specific amount?
  27. Is there any way to delete materials gold,people, travel points or especially important in my case supply's because my account is too overloaded with them 1731 that I can't even complete the mission I have done
  28. Hello, can you delete my Dominations account? My in-game display name is "TemplarDylan", and my land's title is "Romans - Gunpowder Age". Thank you!
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