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  14. Thank you so much! I really love this game! Great work!
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  16. Hi, Sorry for a delay in response, a recent crazy wave of work prevented me from checking the forum. I've restored your lost points and rounded them up to an even number. 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  17. I tried to be careful and wait for any popup prompt, but it happened again, and lost about 6xx TP. Could you please help to restore the TP? Actually in the past 4 weeks, I drove more than 8000 km, visiting places, for many reasons, for memories... Thank you!
  18. I am regularly unable to deposit items into the warehouse because it says, "Must be on base to proceed." However, I am on base, and when I'm on the map view, I see the tools only available to me when I am on base. It would also be nice to be able to delete items that I'm carrying - not just those in the warehouse. That way I could pick something else up that is a higher value if I come across it.
  19. Hi @BrianK, Sorry for a delay in response. Thanks for the report, I'll look into it! Was the attack performed by an army or a structure? Could you please DM me a screenshot of that combat log if you still have it, or the name of your opponent? I will try to review the logs of what happened to understand the circumstances a bit better.
  20. Yes indeed, as soon as version 3 is released for iOS that perk will be removed and I'll try to think of an appropriate replacement. 🙂 Unfortunately, Apple has thrown another wave of challenges at us, so version 3 for iPhones has been delayed and at the moment I cannot comment on how soon it will become available. In the meantime, the plan is to support both versions to avoid breaking things for the Apple users.
  21. Are there any plans to repurpose the Scrap Master perk, considering that it is no longer applicable?
  22. Also, trying to tap "Forums" in the Android app doesn't do anything. I had to go here in a web browser.
  23. I woke up to being attacked at two bases by the same opponent. That's part of the game. However, even after adding the player to the tracked players list, I couldn't see them to counter any of their attacks. That's not much fun. I ended up surrendering because I couldn't do anything else but continue to add new people to the bases and repair what was left of my infrastructure.
  24. I think this is a good work around. I will try this. Thank you.
  25. Hi, I'm assuming we're talking about a character's stamina, which is only drained when the character uses a skill relevant to collection (e.g. diplomacy or economy). If you do not want that to happen entirely then you can open your character's skills window and disable the use of that skill via the toggle under its icon: The resetting map filters are a bug though that I plan to fix, so that they persist between app relaunches. 🙂 Sorry for inconvenience there and thank you for your patience!
  26. I tried to use Map filter to stop the auto-collect, however it just keeps coming back, and resulting in draining all stamina point rapidly especially when my resource is full. Any idea to avoid this? Thank you.
  27. Thank you! I sent you a private message regarding the account. 😉
  28. Hi, my last nickname in game is Mattia_DioM [NEAR]. I play in Italy and my base is in Chioggia (VE) in Italy. My land is calle "Regno Lombardo-Veneto"
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