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  3. Thank you! I sent you a private message regarding the account. 😉
  4. Hi, my last nickname in game is Mattia_DioM [NEAR]. I play in Italy and my base is in Chioggia (VE) in Italy. My land is calle "Regno Lombardo-Veneto"
  5. Hi, Sorry for inconvenience, we have run into some trouble with Facebook indeed and it will not be possible to login using Facebook accounts in the near future. However, don't worry, nothing is lost; all in-game accounts can be recovered and I can assign a new set of login details to them (allowing to login without Facebook). Could you please share your in-game lands title or display name? If you do not remember these details, DM'ing me a receipt of the most recent purchase would definitely help to locate your account. 😉 Thanks, Dan
  6. I need urgent help. My account (connected to Facebook) is defined as non-existent. Inside I have more than six years of play. How can I recover it? I also have email receipts of in-game purchases made. I hope you can help me asap...
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  8. Correct, map filters do affect auto-collection, I should add a clarification indeed! It would not work any other way, unfortunately, as when any item/resource/character is filtered out, it simply isn't loaded from the server and the app doesn't know about their existence (so cannot trigger collection due to proximity). The server does not actively monitor your position either (that would be an overkill and a potential privacy concern), so cannot trigger automated collections as well. And pre-loading all data in the client regardless of filters (but just not showing it) would consume more t
  9. I just noticed that the new automated collection feature only works for resources (I guess it's the same for items, quests and characters), if their according map filter setting is activated. I don't know if this is intended, but you might want to clarify that those map filter settings are not purely cosmetically (which might be beneficial for older or slower devices) but also affect this new feature. In contrast, the manual collection was not dependent on having the associated map filter setting activated.
  10. Interesting new changes. I especially appreciate the offline capture feature since it also helps with very frustrating situations on ferries or airplanes that use satellite internet and block some things necessary for domination. I guess we can just turn off our internet connection in those cases? I'm a little bit sad to loose the possibility to scrap for drones. But I'm excited for those upcoming mini-games. There is one non-essential but irritating cosmetic problem with the new update, possible limited to my device and similar ones. The devices tool and status bar (at the top and b
  11. The usual 15-minute capture can be performed independently from offline captures, while offline captures can happen pretty much whenever. But yes, to actually "claim" lands captured offline (i.e. send them to the server to be registered and visible to other players) a 15 minute timer applies, which will be shared with the main land capture. I.e. every 15 minutes you can either capture new land in your current position or a land from the "offline captures" list. Please note that it is not possible to perform "offline upgrades", this feature is just for capturing new/previously unclaime
  12. Great stuff! A quick clarification though, this means that we can flag an area every 15 mins but to claim them we still have to wait 15 mins (online) each as well? And will base relocation work in offline mode eventually?
  13. Hey everyone, It's been a long time since the last update, which was caused by a number of reasons (related and unrelated to software). As some of you are aware, we've been forced to rewrite the foundation of "Domination: Earth" by various new requirements from Google and Apple that could not be satisfied in the old system, which was pretty out-of-date in many technical aspects and was getting harder and harder to maintain. The new app is finally ready for public beta testing and although it's still running the same engine as before (and looks almost identical to the old game; no majo
  14. Perfect! It worked. Thank you and glad I can help to find a bug ;-D But now it's very difficult to grow this land any further 😂 Happy Holiday!
  15. Sorry for that, there are no land size limits (as the objective is global domination after all 🙂) and your problem was caused by a bug! It has now been fixed and you should be able to proceed with the merge, but please note that it may not be instant and likely to take a minute with a land that big (there will be a long list of smaller lands merged and a stream of experience points awarded to the base). Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  16. My largest land is now at 5112, but when I tried to merge +3000, it just shows nothing after I choose merge. Can't I get to 8112?
  17. Yeah, that is an unusual one indeed! Realistically it should not be possible to merge lands that are being attacked, as that creates a whole bunch of edge cases and unforeseen scenarios. However, at the moment this bug does affect the AI and human players. Thank you for letting me know, I will try to fix it soon! 😉
  18. Here's an interesting one. I captured a land that was right next to a larger one of mine. It was immediately attacked by the Force of Terror. I then immediately merged it with the larger land, which apparently wiped away the attack. Should it have? If it had been a human player, would it be the same result? Granted, this is definitely an edge case.
  19. Thank you very much, I have recommended your game to others I know because of how engaged you are with your players as well as the fun game play.
  20. Happy new year, everyone! 🎉 First of all, I am sorry that we did not get a chance to organize a fun holiday event at the end of 2022 like we usually do. As some of you are aware this was a challenging period of us moving and setting up a new office for Epic Dragon. But now that's finally done and we hope to be returning to some form of normal very soon. In any case, to celebrate the beginning of a new year we have awarded 30 units of Unobtainium to all players active in December 2022. Hurray! 🎆 Once again, thank you for being a part of our community and playing "Domination
  21. Hi, Sorry for this, GPS glitches do happen! I have added one more free base relocation charge to your account, hopefully this one works a bit better!😉 I recommend checking where the blue dot is on Earth View before moving the base, as that is where it will be transported to. In any case, please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  22. I purchased unobtanium To relocate my base and when I did the relocation it moved it to the wrong location.
  23. Mr. D


    Sorry, but we don't seem to have a record with that username or your email in "Domination: Earth". Could you please send a screenshot of the in-game menu screen that shows your display name at the top? Thanks, Dan
  24. nara


    Kindly delete my account no50162407
  25. Thank you so much, I have noticed the TP restored. Wish you had a great weekend!
  26. Mr. D


    Есть ли смысл - вопрос риторический. 🙂 Технически, если мне память не изменяет, уровень 1000 - это 500-2000 урона, на который впоследствии влияют навыки персонажей (например, логистика нападающей стороны). Урон турелей подсчитывается после попыток саботажа, контсаботажа и усилий медиков вылечить раны с предыдущего хода, но перед подсчётом урона нападающей армии. Но если речь идёт о том, можно ли 100% защититься турелями от нападающей армии так, чтобы у неё не было шанса выстрелить ни разу - нет, к сожалению. Хотя бы один ход нападающей армии будет дан. 🙂
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