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  3. Hurray! I was hoping that would be the case. 😅 It takes some time for the new certificate to propagate, I suspect it finally reached your device.
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  5. Hold on, looks like they’re working again.
  6. Fair enough, sounds like a reasonable suggestion! Added to the list.
  7. So long story short, I'm at a new friends place and it backs up to wetlands, so i wanted to throw a drone out to the waterline so i can build a flag while we're sitting around for good times. I used a map tool to figure out my range and dropped a drone where i thought it would be 480-some meters away, but i was actually well over. The drone is effectively wasted. I know the popularity of the drone has been more for outposts in other countries, but I'd still like a "meters away" tag on the spot before confirming a drone drop. I think it would make drones more valuable for people
  8. No, they’re still not working. Is there an update I need?
  9. Earlier
  10. @Luna things should hopefully be back to normal now, could you please let me know if the notifications work / still don't work?
  11. Thanks for the report! Yep, Apple notified us that they have decided to sabotage this functionality for our app. I will do my best to resolve this as soon as possible.
  12. I’m on iOS, and the notifications have stopped working. I checked my settings, both on DE and my phone, and they should be sending. They had been working before without any settings changes.
  13. Mr. D

    Large land mergers

    Correct, premium buildings disappearing as a result of merges will issue a full refund. Please let me know if you run into any issues though and I'll be happy to help!
  14. EMonster

    Large land mergers

    I inadvertently clicked on the Build Missile Launcher button on a small (Level 7) piece of land when intending to just upgrade wall and tower, and used some of the free Christmas Unobtainium (Thanks, Mr. D!) for a Missile Launcher I didn't really want. So if I'm reading this new logic correctly, if I expand a nearby land (Level 8+) and merge the Level 7 land into it, the Missile Launcher will disappear and I will get the 5 UBT back? No big deal either way, but that would be nice.
  15. Me and an ally figured out an interesting issue playing around with drones. If you zoom far out you will notice that, while the map itselfs seems infinite in East-West direction, the actual displayed countrystats will only appear once on the map. If you capture some land, it will also only appear once on the map. However, if you scroll enough west- or eastbound you will come to the same place and be unable to capture a land there since there is already a land, even though you can't see it at that position. So far so good. Everything seems to be only displayed once on the map but ac
  16. Ah, yep, that is not a problem indeed, thanks for clarifying. Adding to the task list!
  17. No problem! Panels of quests have two buttons. The First one allows you to navigate to the quest by opening the exact position in Google maps. AFAIK this is currently the only feature in the game providing exact coordinates. Long time ago we had this also for bases but you removed it together with other geo-data changes. However, this feature was always great to plan trips and especially the possible locations of new bases. Currently both, lands and bases/outposts, have a context menu where an additional button would imo not bother anyone but bring back the ability of making precise plans u
  18. Hey cool, I made the list! Merry Christmas, everyone! 😁
  19. I am getting a very strong vibe that you are not talking about "Domination: Earth" either, since we have no Game Centers. 😅 Can I ask how did you find a link to this forum and what is the name of the game you are playing? I am just very curious as to why we have this entire thread of people asking to delete an account from a game that doesn't belong to us (and where did you guys come from). 😁
  20. That idea makes a lot of sense indeed! It will probably require some adjustments to the item descriptions to avoid confusion (as that exception seems to be only applicable to the charge-enabled items / super magnets alone; no reason why an active metal detector should not increase the individual resource collection radius as well). But I'll definitely add this into my task list! I may need some additional clarification on that feature though as I'm not sure I understand what navigation button you are referring to, sorry! 😊
  21. Hello everyone, It is no secret that 2020 has been a crazy year that threw a myriad of challenges at all of us, caused a lot of grief and even sabotaged our games in more than one way. But at the same time I want to say "thank you!" to all members of our community for being patient with us and continuing to play "Domination: Earth" despite all the delays and setbacks. And I would like to give a very special thanks to our most supportive players without whom our servers would honestly not be running today: ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐ Kellenasia Ruvox Agusta Maarten Verduyckt WinterHeart626
  22. Since we already have a little "collect" button at the panel of quests, wouldn't it be nice to have the same button on each resource panel? That way it could be possible to collect resources the "usual" way without wasting a charge of a maybe active Super Magnet. This distinction between usual collect operations and those using charges was requested a few times much earlier. However, now this seems to be feasible much easier than before. Same Same but different about the "navigation" button on quest panels. Would be great to have the same (back) for bases and maybe even lands now that those
  23. I love the game is that I want to deleted account link in Game Center. There is one account which is the base is named King Harry That I want to keep and the rest can go bye bye. The two account is the way which I can connect to Game Center. So is it possible to remove lord Draco and Harry something away
  24. Same thing has been happening to me again this week. Here are a couple of examples on the Peacekeeping Force and Frightful Presence quests. The Peacekeeping one never accumulated any stats, and the other one I was halfway done and then it stopped. I'm on iOS, if it matters. Something similar was happening soon after Quests were first released, then I hadn't noticed it for a while. I've completed other quests recently without issue.
  25. The issue still exists in all three cases: capture a Station, regular capture, stacked capture. I attached a video showing the Problem. I will abandon this Quest as I get to another one. 20201224_142913.mp4
  26. It's stuck at 4/9 Travel Points and 16/16 Personnel. Yesterday I performed about 4 or 5 "usual" captures of new level 1 lands, about 5 "stacked" captures of new level 1 lands and a capture of a Personnel Recruitment Beacon. All of those generated Travel Points but did not count towards the quest. I also had this quest untouched for about a week since I'm not collecting many Travel Points during lockdown. But I'll let you know when I got another chance if it works again.
  27. Hi @Ruvox! Could you please elaborate on the "no longer" part, i.e. what is the current quest progress? Testing this quest locally myself, the Travel Point award from land captures does seem increase the progress. Wondering if you have obtained Travel Points via an untested scenario... this happened after a new level 1 land capture, right? I've rebooted the server just in case something froze as well; please let me know if the issue disappears on its own.
  28. I got a broken Quest "local roundup" which is no longer counting any Travel Points which I am collecting. So I am currently unable to complete this Quest but I don't want to abandon it.
  29. Hi Luna, My apologies for a delay, this has taken way longer than it should have! I could not find any evidence that the change you described was intentional, so I've fixed the utility structure upgrade (a fix has just been released) which should once again award your base with the experience points. Please let me know if that isn't the case.
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