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  5. Yikes, sorry for that experience, @BrianK! That doesn't sound nice indeed. Your suggestions make sense, I'll look into what can be done here!
  6. I had roughly 100 offline captures that I was slowly burning down when I accidentally hit the Sign Out menu option when trying to click Offline Captures. That of course completely wiped them out. Two suggestions from this experience: Have a confirmation dialog on sign out (only if there are currently any offline captures stored) warning you that you will lose X offline captures Move the Offline Captures option higher up the menu
  7. Thank you! That is weird and should not be happening indeed, everything in your account gets hidden & auto-suspended after 7 days of inactivity until you log back in again. I'll investigate possible causes!
  8. It was another player. I don't plan on taking extended breaks, but it was certainly odd. I'm on iOS if that helps.
  9. Hi @Beavery, Sorry for this, sounds unpleasant indeed! My I ask if you've been attacked by the AI or another player?
  10. Woke up to a notification that base was under attack. However, I have not had the game open for around a month. 1) how was he able to see my lands/base after that amount of inactivity 2) the attack cost me 402 troops, but not from my local base, but the base 101km away.
  11. Damn, really spoiling us this year! Happy new year! 🎊🎉🎊🎉
  12. On behalf of Epic Dragon and "Domination: Earth" I wish everyone a great Holiday Season and a happy New Year! As a thank you for being part of our community, I have awarded all players active in 2023 with 100 Unobtainium. We look forward to seeing you in 2024! 😉
  13. Ugh, sorry for that! It looks like the "Day" and "Night" map service providers stopped working. I've temporarily replaced them all with the "Black" map, so you should at least see your surroundings in some way. Unfortunately, I am caught in an awkward situation work-wise (there's too much of it 🙂) and will not have the ability to deploy any fixes for a while. However, as soon as things settle down I will address the broken "Day" and "Night" modes. 🤞 My apologies for inconvenience!
  14. This started happening last week or the week before while I was on vacation outside of my home country. Zooming in or out I could sometimes get them to load. Now, however, no matter what I do (including force closing the app and clearing the cache), they aren't loading. Is there a way to fix this? I'd prefer not to uninstall/reinstall, as I have around 150 offline captures to process. This screen shot is from my home base.
  15. Yes, sorry, we're currently being challenged by some unanticipated time constraints, preventing us from starting (or finishing) any major developments, so I'm afraid it may be a while before the next update. I apologize for that. However, in the meantime, I would be happy to issue manual refunds for any accidental unobtainium wasted, just ping me in this thread, DM or send an email to support@domination.earth 😉
  16. I've reset your base move counter, so you should be able to move the base again for free. 😉 Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  17. No. you can even switch off your phone without being logged off. it's a pitty that the "sign out" button is right next to the "offline captures" button. I allready signed out a few times by mistake.
  18. Thanks for the reminder, yet I think I never log out the game manually. Does the game automatically log me out when the app is closed and log me in when open again? And then that's how it deleted those data?
  19. If you log out of the game, all your offline captured positions (which are not lands yet) are deleted
  20. I was in the mountains and did offline captures, like dozens of locations captured, i can see there are like 81 captured as prompted. But when I am back on line now, and check the menu, it says nothing here yet 😵 what happened and what should i do please?
  21. In fact I suggested this. But the administrators believe that a second confirmation is necessary only for the use of larger quantities of resources... in fact, every time I realized that I had unintentionally wasted resources, and I asked for assistance, they were returned to me...
  22. If I might add my two cents regarding a second (or maybe other kind of) confirmation, I have to admit that those mistakes also happened to me a few times and it therefore might be useful. The problem was always more or less the same. If you ride around let's say by car or by train and want to capture and upgrade a land quickly, you tend to tap on "confirm" for the use or saved up captures and the related resources fee. However, as soon as you leave the 500m range and were not quick enough, you tap on "confirm" for the use of Unobtanium instead. So my suggestion would not be to add a second necessary confirmation but to differentiate it more from that one regarding saved captures.
  23. Hello, I just start a new game and i can't see any AI around, i have drive 50km and still can't see any AI. Any idea why?
  24. Sorry @permar, I accidentally missed your post! 😊 I've now restored your 5 UBT, thank you for your patience!
  25. Hi @MarcNu, Sorry for this, we seem to have experienced a mail server outage. The issue has now been resolved, please try requesting a new code email again. Are you sure you would like to delete your account though? If you've come across any problems, perhaps I can do something to help out? Account deletion is permanent and will erase all data associated with it without any possibility to restore it.
  26. I tried to delete my account and was not able to do so because the confirmation mail with the code was not generated. Made multiple attempts over a bit of time. Not 100% sure if I checked the correct mail account since I used the google login to create the account, but it should be. My ingame name is "Swiss93"
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