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  4. All locations are random, but then again machines sometimes have a mind of their own. Unlike resources, quests relocate every 7 days, so if one appears in an inaccessible location it is just a matter of time before it moves again.
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  6. Quests often show up in restricted areas as well, and those cannot be captured unless you are within 100 m of them. At least those seem to be along roads from my perspective. I wonder if this is intentional, or simply me seeing something that isn't there.
  7. If you haven't yet stumbled upon powerups that you can make, I suggest joining the discord via the ingame link and we'd be more than glad to guide you on your adventures! If you can't use discord then hit me up and I'll gladly help you out. There are ways to clear out a whole city (Like Mr.D said) in a matter of minutes. I would write you a quick guide now and here but currently I'm short on time 😊
  8. As mentioned in the following thread this is a global change; anyone should be able to launch a counter attack while the first battle is still going (unless your army cooldown is already active): Remember, the army cooldown starts only after all battles in which that army participates are over. It is possible for it to engage in other battles while defending. Looks like a weird glitch, but it shouldn't affect the combat calculation much; active combat record (containing data about the next wave, casualties, damage etc.) exists per land. I will investigate this, of course. I do plan to run some tests on the Ai when I find some free time to ensure that there's no rule violation compared to human players.
  9. @Thewhatify you do realize that all resources appear in completely random locations that aren't in any way controlled by myself? We have hundreds of millions of resources all over the world and more keep getting added with each land capture, there is no manual intervention from me or anyone else whatsoever. However, this problem is exactly why we have inventory items with stackable collection bonuses in the game: activation of several items at once may allow you to reach resources kilometers away from your current location, which is enough for pretty much any situation (I've seen players pick up resources from an entire city in one go thanks to the cumulative effects of super + experimental magnets). So no, I do not wish you to get shot (please don't), just utilize the available game mechanics appropriately.
  10. Mr. D you do realize players cannot trespass to collect money and resources from corn fields, gated businesses and other people's properties right? I live in the boonies and there are a ton of resources i cant get to unless i feel like trespassing This game is not worth being shot or paying $xxxxx in fines for trespassing. No business, (unless the person works for said business) will allow just some regular joe gamer on the property for the game. You might want to recalibrate where the resources drop at.
  11. Stacking attacks are apparently a thing too... I didn't even attack or anything. I just upgraded a turret on a +L100 land with no AI land beneath and after two caps got the following situation: And yes, same land being attacked
  12. This is getting confusing. What i think happened to max has happened to me and is fairly repeatable. I attack the ai and the ai will launch a counter attack on me while the first battle is still going. I'm pretty sure we can't do that but I'll try to test it. It should be noted that this has an associated problem, namely when you have attacked a tower or a missile silo and the ai counterattacks, when they run out of troops and lose their counter it also stops your attack on the structure and you have to start over in an hour. I'm not sure about King's part though, you said it was possible for the ai to attack 3 different points at once and i tested that, and i couldn't
  13. I don't believe you. I've noticed that after the AI update they have become so triggerhappy that they disregard combat cooldown rules. See pics taken by @Max Siren
  14. Since I just destroyed an ai base I wanted to clean up lands a bit. However They were then defende by a second FoT base. This one only level 3 but with over 800 troops??? This seems a bug? It should be impossible? Also I am the only player around so it seems unlikely the base lost several levels by others (and kept the armies)
  15. Could we have a guard building that brings up locals to defend against attacks. Just a few soldiers with 90% of a Normal soldier. Build can only be built at a base.
  16. What do you have on the land you live? What is better building compare to your base?
  17. I am playing this for 7 months and my feeling is, Ai is shitty army with no strategy. I am happy when they create new lands and buildings, as for me it is Pracekeeping points!!! Make them even harder as I love challenges! And don’t touch my resources, they are mine. Or I will send army. Greetings to developer(s)
  18. The same rules do apply indeed and the AI is also a subject to the 1 hour cooldown (per base, same as players). The combat changes announcement referenced in my previous post applies to both players and the Ai, so you are also able to use your troops more efficiently in exactly the same way as the Ai. The only "unfair advantage" that the Ai has for now (as I do plan to adjust this in the future) is the ability to construct towers and missile launchers on lower level lands than players, that's it. And something tells me that if the Ai didn't have their own "invisible" pool of resources (and stole your resources from the map instead) that would be much more unfair towards players. As always, if the Ai becomes overly active all you have to do is destroy their base, then clean up the area from any remaining lands of terror. Peace and quiet guaranteed for 7 days. Once you've defeated their main army and destroyed the base it should not be an issue to keep them at bay and prevent from growing again.
  19. I'd like to add that isn't the AI supposed to follow the same rules as human players? I'm sure they do not have the same 1 hour cooldown as us which makes no sense
  20. It is possible. On the "My Lands" tab, your main base should be listed. Go to where you want to move your base, then select the Move button for your base. The move will happen immediately. Also, your first move is free, but future moves cost unobtainium. As a strategy move, relocate your base where you can easily access it but not linger for very long. Some players locate it along a stop on their daily commute. You only need to be on your base to transfer items between your inventory and your warehouse.
  21. Hi I first logged in on the game at work and would like too move my main base is this possible. Thanks
  22. Aha so besides unlimited troops and buildings build in too low level lands they can also use troops more efficiently? So it is really a matter of time before they wear down all defences. Well it certainly changed the game...
  23. How do you know that the losses are not accumulated? Does each battle show a different number of enemy soldiers after dealing some damage? If yes, then you have been attacked by more than one base indeed: army-related numbers in combat are taken directly from the associated base and are updated in real time, so it is not possible to see different values for the same attacking base. However, if the number is synchronized between all 3 battles then everything is correct: the same army can participate in multiple attacks as per the combat rules update dated the 7th of April:
  24. The new FoT is off course much more active. But now 1 army from 1 base seems to be attacking 3 of my bases. 541 forces attacking 3 at the same time that are close seem to much of a weird chance... However; the losses are not accumulated, so now I fight 1500 troops. I will win but this seems a bit exsessive and something seems wrong?
  25. Hi @Saltydog83, My apologies for a delay in response! Your inventory is only used to store items received from quests and produced on the Assembly Plant, while resources and their numbers appear directly in the top bar above the tabs (Earth View, My Lands etc.). When you say "captured resources" do you mean you've captured one of the stations (an oil rig, supply factory or a personnel recruitment beacon)? If yes, then you need to use the big "Collect Resources" button at the bottom of the "My Lands" tab to collect resources from all stations you linked to your base. If you meant that you've captured new lands using the "Land" (flag) button on "Earth View", then these cannot be picked up. They will, however, capture a resource station if you plant a flag on top of one. To pick up an individual resource, as suggested by @Kubogojev, you need to move close enough to it in the real world (less than 50m distance) and use the hand button then. If you tap on any resource icon on the map you should see a "Distance: " label on its tooltip explaining how far you are from that resource right now. I hope that helps, but please let me know if something still doesn't make sense!
  26. Welcome! I’m playing this for 7months now and I love the game. Carefull with wording, you are not capturing resources. You pick them up. Use hand icon in the bottom. It is next to the land icon. You have to be 50m next to the resource (coin, soldier, supplies). Green flag mean you have captured land. Visit place again and capture again same land, your land will grow to level2.... You will soon get used to it.
  27. Obviously I'm new. I've thought ive captured numerous resources but nothing is being acquired to my inventory. Pick up always says nothing is available but I have my green capture flags all around. How to I actually gain the recources?
  28. The idea that I have is that when the 15-minute timer ends for a new capture, instead of ending, it restarts with a new 15-minute interval. A capture is available and may be saved for later, perhaps concurrent with the next capture. This thus would not add new captures (which can be done with drones anyway). Also, this would not continue indefinitely, with maybe being able to save up some before the timer stops. If it is unlocked with perks, that number can be connected with the perk level.
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