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  2. Спасибо за помощь! Действительно проблема была в этом.
  3. Здравствуйте, @SeregaGraf! Есть ли возможность, что этой землёй вы просто давно не пользовались? 🙂 Откройте фильтр карты и обратите внимание на следующие настройки: Попробуйте выключить "Скрыть неактивные земли" и посмотреть, появится ли ваша земля. Или же, возможно, она находится вне радиуса видимости, который можно изменить настройкой "Радиус отображения земель". Сообщите, если это не помогло. 😉
  4. Здравствуйте, возникла проблема. Пропала земля 100ур рядом с базой. Атаки на неё небыло. Возможно расширилась сома база и удалила землю? Обьясните если можно.
  5. Last week
  6. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but it looks like string interpolation isnt working on the levels lost message. I've attached a screenshot.
  7. Hi all, Version 2.9 (2.9.0 for iOS and 2.9.1 for Android) will become available shortly, featuring: Introduction of personal/hidden resources: once every hour after capturing lands you will see a bunch of resources appear very close to your current position (within a few minutes of walking). These resources are marked as hidden and can only be picked up by yourself and will not be shared with allies. Spawnable resource cap around your current position has been doubled to 100 units of each resource. Quest system update: no differences will be seen just yet
  8. Thanks very much for letting me know! And my apologies, that is indeed the case. Latest update was quite problematic due to the introduction of support for Android 12, which conflicted with some of our older components. As a result, we've suspended support of Android 6 for now (official announcement will follow soon) and looks like the scrapping facility got affected as well. I'll do my best to restore it as soon as possible.
  9. Kastor mentioned on Discord that scrapping doesn't work after new update. I tested it out as I hadn't updated the game yet and can confirm. Scrapping worked fine before updating but after updating I now get this error message:
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi all, We are preparing for the release of version 2.9 which has been delayed by a number of reasons beyond our control, unfortunately. The app itself is not expected to go live just yet, but I would like to proceed with the release of some new server-side features that will assist with our internal testing. Most of them will remain invisible in the current game version, but there is one addition that won't be and I would like to mention it to avoid any confusion: In version 2.9 we are adding a concept of "hidden"/personal items on the map (that includes resources and characters
  12. Sorry for a delay in response, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. 🙂 Correct, FoT is triggered by everyone and its bases are shared by all players. There are all kinds of crazy overlaps happening that are quite hard to trace, so it is difficult for me to comment on what happened in your particular case. It could really be a one-off corner case / unique base placement combo (since all coordinates are randomized). But please let me know if you start seeing FoT bases stacked too close to each other on a regular basis. Right! We ran into a couple of combat-related server-si
  13. Yes, I agree with you, it would be necessary to update the points system somehow
  14. No, these have been bases reappearing in roughly the same area. They are in an area where I have other base areas overlapping it, but I have only been active in the area of one base for the last few weeks. The FoT bases aren't just for me, though - are they? Could they be for other players? I don't have any other players active in my area that I know about, though. Ah, that explains it. I hadn't noticed that before. I had noticed the cooldown on construction had sped up significantly. That's not what I meant. I was able to initiate an attack against FoT while I was still being
  15. No game logic changes without an announcement, so no changes here. The seven day waiting period is not global, but applies to the destroyed base's area only. Sometimes FoT has multiple bases with intersecting territories, in which case all of them have to be destroyed for it to go away completely. Otherwise destroying an FoT base somewhere in Antarctica would disable the FoT activity in rest of the world and that would be a fairly boring game. What about your characters and item bonuses? The skill of Logistics can seriously decrease that cooldown. Being attack
  16. Well, maybe not that fast (immediate), but I can attack again well under an hour. I also noticed that I could attack FoT right after it attacked me. That hasn't been possible before, either.
  17. I don't know if this is intentional, but I haven't seen a post about it. I've noticed: 1. The seven day waiting period on the return of an FoT base after it has been destroyed has gone away. 2. The 60 minute wait after attacking an FoT land seems to have gone away too. I just attacked one only about two minutes after the previous battle ended.
  18. A fix has just been released, failed attempts to upgrade the maximum level utility structure should no longer expend the land capture charge.
  19. Adding to the list of things to fix, thank you for the report!
  20. Unfortunately, that's normal. Level 1000 is the maximum for a Utility building. The use of a charge is annoying to be sure.
  21. I have a solar panel at lvl1000, so I pressed the Flag button and it says that i cant upgrade a máx lvl building, but it used the charge...
  22. kank

    not shown flags

    🤪 yes, it was the displayed distanse settings, now I set 100km...)))
  23. Mr. D

    not shown flags

    What is your "Hide lands older than: X" setting value? Were the newly captured lands (that you can't see) within the base's radius or outside? Can you show an approximate location of where you expected these lands to be (i.e. where is that path), please? 🙂
  24. kank

    not shown flags

    yesterday ive made a trip to the coast, but today I can see only the edges but not the path between....
  25. Ok ! Thank you for your availability. Some times it happened to me that while I was clicking I realized I didn't want to do it and slide my finger away. Hope I won't disturb you too much.
  26. What...! 🤯 That is bizarre. Sorry for that, I will investigate.
  27. No problem, I have refunded the 5 spent unobtainium; accidents happen. 😉 I don't think that adding a second confirmation would help much if the first one doesn't. 😅 But I am always here to correct any mistakes and refund accidental purchases, as it will never be my intent to mislead players / trip them into buying something they didn't mean to. 🙂
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