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  4. Возможно раньше это описание было. Все просмотрел не нашел. Спасибо за ответ. А то информации небыло.
  5. Механика правильная, а вот описание, судя по всему, где-то неверное(приношу извинения!). 🤔 Максимум за убийство вражеской армии в каждом бою можно получить 10 очков; 1 очко за каждые 20 солдат. Могу ли я спросить, где именно появляется текст о том, что за каждого солдата дают 1 очко? На всякий случай дополню, что кроме убийства армии дополнительные очки даются за: Каждый пониженный уровень вражеской земли (10 очков) Разрушенное вражеское здание (20 очков) Каждый пониженный уровень вражеской базы (50 очков)
  6. Напал бот аи армия 126человек. Его убил дали 10очков миротворца это так должно работать? Вроде в описании написано что за каждого чел дают 1очко или я ошибаусь поясните если можно.
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  8. Oh, ok, noted jajaja, i was just confused because in the base menu there is a merging option.
  9. The thing is that we need comunication, in my country Discord is not so popular either, i have a WhatsApp group for my allies, at least the ones i know, but the ones i dont know, what do i do with them? I dont have the means to even introduce myself. Other point in this subject is that the game without a chat feels Dead, in my experience for example, if not for the few flags from my friends in my hood i would not know if someone is even playing because in my country this game is not known almost at all, proove of that is that im sort of new in here and i already am the number one. This is
  10. Hmm, Whatsapp wouldn't work because it's hard to share that video with other players outside of Whatsapp and there's no like facility for videos. 🙂 But any other social media / video platform would have been alright! In any case, there will be more events in the future. 😉
  11. In Cuba using Youtube is hard🥲, i wish i could sing on Whatsapp🥲🥲🥲
  12. Nope, they won't merge! But the base is now potentially protected by the surrounding land's defence structures (e.g. you could build more guard towers around your base on the bigger land's territory). The small radius under your base simply shows you how far it is considered that you are present on a base (i.e. for the purpose of depositing/withdrawing items from the warehouse, as well as activating base-specific actions, like spawning new resources). Please let me know if that doesn't make sense though. 😉
  13. My main base is inside my colony now, i would like to know if they merge or something?
  14. Hmm, apologies for that, let's investigate! When you press the blue side-menu button in the upper-left corner, do you see your in-game name there? If yes, could you please share it with me (so that I could find your account and see what's going on)?
  15. Oh and I've uninstalled and reinstalled 2x...
  16. It would be cool if people could Unite in clans or such, me, for example, started one and we plan our moves in WhatsApp, it would be great if, aside from the aliances that are in a way, non bonding, people could be under a flag for example, with an in game chat and such, with the purpose of not having to go out of the game to plan the moves.
  17. Ohhh, thank you very much, now to work, this land is not gonna conquer itself😈
  18. No worries! Once you travel outside of your initial base (i.e. more than 100km from it) and capture a new land, it will automatically convert into a base when it reaches level 5. 😉
  19. Thanks Mr D, one more thing... how do i create another Base? Besides My starter one.
  20. Hi John, "Merge Lands" is used to combine multiple nearby lands (each with its own flag) into a bigger land with only one flag. The land borders have to be adjacent for that to happen and you will usually know that it's the case when one of the lands stops upgrading and prompts you to merge it with a nearby land instead. However, your bases (from the list in "My Lands" tab) represent individual "counties" with a 100km radius and cannot be merged. Bases operate independently from each other and have their own command centres, warehouses and other infrastructure. I hope that hel
  21. Hello, my questions is: How do i Unite all my bases?
  22. Thank you for the report and I apologize for a delay in response! Adding this to the list of things to fix.
  23. Hi everyone, Thank you all for participating in our Holiday Season quests & competitions, we hope you enjoyed them. 😉 Unfortunately, no one was brave enough to claim the 500 UBT for singing the 12 days of Christmas song on YouTube, so that award goes back to the bank. 🙂Oh well! And now, it's time to announce the New Year's Raffle winners: 1st place: Orn 2nd place: Eerienkah 3rd place: Тимохаха_XL Congratulations, guys, and thank you for following us on Instagram! The Unobtainium rewards have now been added to your accounts. Once again, I wish eve
  24. When you are attacking and defending at the same time, while the interface allows you to select either one (see screen shot), clicking on either takes you to the same report. In my case, I could only see my defense status. I don't know if it is always the same one, or if it matters that it was the same player for both (FoT).
  25. Thank you very much for letting me know! A fix for this should get included in the next release. 😉
  26. I set the filter to show only my lands, fot lands and a few other, without resourses or resourse buildings, but when I open the game, if its closed, it show me all the items again ...
  27. Should be fixed now, thank you for the report!
  28. Hi all, This year we are celebrating Christmas and the holiday season with a number of things, starting with a series of quests: from tomorrow (13th of December 2021) capturing a new land (or placing a new utility structure) will start a new quest; one quest per day for the next 12 days. Each quest is time-limited and gives you 24 hours for completion. The more quests you finish, the more Unobtainium will be awarded, but if you fail to finish a particular stage - don't panic, you can still continue the quest chain the next day. However, some stages will have additional rando
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