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  2. Server maintenance is now complete, no further downtime is expected. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
  3. Hi all, Version 2.3.1 went live last week for both Android and iOS, featuring a number of small changes: It is now possible to skip any tutorial step without completing its quest objective. Please note that no reward is given for skipped quests. Alliance list now shows green and red "bubbles" next to the member names to indicate their online presence for the purpose of resource sharing. Anyone who's been active within the last hour is considered "online". Performance improvements during display of a long list of notifications. Please post if you have any questions.
  4. Apologies for a delay with this; we are proceeding with the server maintenance today to get this over with ASAP. Game will be inaccessible within the hour.
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  7. If you scroll out enough you can see your base reach radius which is the 100km as mentioned above. With this you can check if a land is outside the borders and if it will create a new base at level 5
  8. Looks like it's fixed with RobotWizard as I successfully made an offer for a land. 😊 This bug seems to happen randomly as another player recently upgraded to a level 10 base, and I was able to make a trade right after. I presume that it's not exactly random, but the difference eludes me.
  9. That's unfortunate, looks like the issue still exists! Will investigate as soon as I get a chance! In the meantime, I've applied a manual fix to your account; please let me know if you still have that error. Is that when using the Track Player feature? If not, you could simply be too far away; there's a certain visibility radius (around 10km from your current position) for all lands/bases of other players. If he is missing even when using Track Players, is there a chance that your ally is listed in one of the tabs in "Wars"? We've come across a few rare scenarios involving allies being at war when engaging in the same battle against another enemy, and that means that they may become invisible to each other in 7 days from the war's start date unless they request a Truce.
  10. Addition: We made one ally base visible by turning all filters except for ally lands to off. However both of us get the same error, even though I reached level 10 base. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14o7yZdVNWqCjKlJDXBcY_mSESUpO3N6O/
  11. Confirming, I can't see any of Kelle's bases/lands/outposts. (We are allies) What I see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14iKyIIwmNwEvc4xFhRRDk9NLLN7Jykfh/ What Kellenasia sees: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14fpAojXi-lkrbdYPqh41MaRtaB5sSYLr/ *file uploading to this post somehow failed
  12. This time for real! RobotWizard9 just hit level 10 base but that bug is preventing trade.
  13. S Keillan

    New base

    One builds a base when a land over 100 km away from the player's other bases is upgraded to level 5.
  14. Broken Heathen

    New base

    I'm on the mission where I have to build three new bases. I have several lands upgrades to past lvl 5 but can make a new base. Could someone explain to me how to build a new base?
  15. Quite possible; GPS input apps are very likely to have the potential to alter your coordinates without relying on any device and that is, essentially, what constitutes cheats in "Domination: Earth". I cannot possibly filter the usage of these apps by "player intentions", so please steer clear of any 3rd party apps that do more than connect a bluetooth device to your phone. No need to test anything from your end (please don't; once again, the anti-cheat doesn't know if you're trying to help me or are genuinely trying to cheat ), but if you can send me a link to the app you are using I will download it and review myself. Thanks!
  16. Earlier
  17. Maybe I jumped to conclusions. Being listed above is rather upsetting, as you might imagine. It's not a GPS-enhancing app, it's a physical device, the Garmin GLO 2 at the moment. It connects to any bluetooth device (a phone or tablet, but I've used devices like it in various field vehicles for work) and interfaces with an app which Android uses as an alternative source of GPS info. The app can control the sampling rate, etc. Because it's a bluetooth connection, the device's location must be within meters of the phone... but really it's in my pocket. The Garmin has it's own app in the Play Store but it's crap. There are tons of 3rd party GPS input apps in the store that work much better, because they all do the same basic thing of taking the gps data from the device and pass it to Android as an alternative GPS source. It's possible that it was around the end of April that I was trying apps to see which worked best with the old Nexus 6P I use for walking around (don't laugh... it's not safe to use a flashier new phone in Kampala, especially at night). Could that have triggered your new detection logic? Happy to help you test if need be.
  18. Who said that it's one single flag that the anti-cheat is based on? Presence of the app in developer options or its ability to affect your location alone are not enough to trigger the anti-cheat. To do so the app has to actively supply fake coordinates that mismatch reality. Have you used this dongle this week or in May? If yes, then it's not what has put your name in the list above. Your account has been flagged due to a solo incident on April 24, 2020 (that we can discuss and review separately ); nothing that happened after that is relevant. However, I am curious as to what GPS-enhancing app exactly you are talking about; can you please provide a link to it on the Play Store so that I could review its capabilities? Thanks, Dan
  19. This is very disappointing and short-sighted. There is a valid and common use of the external gps source dev option in Android - namely, using an external gps receiver. In Uganda, as in Malawi before my new posting in Kampala, I use an external gps dongle that has better reception so that my position doesn't fluctuate by 100m+ constantly because gps was never designed for equatorial optimization, and unlike in most of the developed world there aren't 2 dozen routers nearby at any moment to boost Google location services. It is a bluetooth device that is carried on me when I play. It isn't spoofing my location, it's there to provide my phone, and the game, a MORE accurate location. I'm 200% onboard with anti-spoofing efforts, as it's the bane of all gps-based gaming, which I love. But there's a reason other games use FAR more sophisticated detection methods than simply looking at a single android flag.
  20. Only if it becomes your new source of the GPS coordinates. Simply using a proxy for network traffic or any security purpose that does not involve changing your GPS coordinates is fine. When in doubt, simply check if your in-game blue dot matches your real-life position. If it isn't because of an app you've installed on purpose - that's what is against the rules and will get you in trouble. If not, you have nothing to worry about.
  21. What’s a relay?
  22. Will using a VPN trigger the anti-cheat system?
  23. No problem at all, I hope my advice helped! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  24. Thanks a lot for your patience!
  25. Have you used the "move base" option yet in "My Lands"? You get to move your base to your current position once for free. 😉
  26. Evidently, carsnow2011 has a level 10 base, but the bug is affecting my ability to trade with them. Edit: never mind. Looks like I was working off of wrong information.
  27. Hi mate, please I'd need the same favor since I started too fast two days ago and I've ignorantly placed my base in the same wrong place twice Thank you very very much in advance!
  28. Thanks. That is why this was hidden to me. On my home I am inside land L108 but I am inside the base so flag just add defence. And I never tried hit flag on my land L108 outside of my house, as I ussually wanted to save it for new lands far from my house. Thanks for the hint! I sm curious about all 4 utility structures...
  29. Hi. You simply need to be on the level 100+ land and make a capture. Instead of a new land, you have the chance to build a Utility structure. The Solar Panel is one of the four options. Concerning your quest, it needs to be a newly created solar panel as upgrading an existing one does not count to the quest. New solar panels have to be 100 meters or more from existing structures on that land. Hope that helps.
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