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  1. Since my game again works, I did lately few runs to collect resources and have a fun with quests. I said it already, but nothing changed about rewards, which are crazy low. Just sitting home and rolling dice I get more reward, compared to difficult and time consuming quest. It is really zero motivation to pick it up. Do you have plan to change something about that? My suggestion is to multiply reward by factor 5. Thanks for feedback

  2. Got another question. Since last game update I enjoy daily bonus with rolling dice. Next to this bonus it is possible to fortify base and create items. Here I am unclear. Every day I am able to create supply item around my base. But never money or personell. It says I reached limit of maximal ammount. How this is working? How do I know where I am in the limit? Why I have to test this always and be sour that I still get nothing again still not knowing why... Thanks for explanation.

  3. ... I am asking mainly due to the comparison of this perk to the Counterstrike perk. If I am at war with AI, and I kill 26 units per round and loose 24 units per round, what will be the result after applying this perks? Which of those two works better to elliminate AI as soon as possible.

  4. 4 hours ago, Mr. D said:

    However, I would be super grateful if you upgraded to iOS 14.2 to see if that helps with the scrolling issue as well. ;)

    I will update 14.2 after our company release this iOS patch. I am keen to see if scrolling issue will be fixed and will report to you!

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  5. Hi guys, especially Mr. D

    Last conversation with Mr.D made me thinking... He said “I did not change anything” But many players suddenly see a problems with land grow not working, must be present on base, or simply.... location issues! So what was changed on iOS 14 or 14.1 (last update since I couldn’t even pick the resources).... ????

    Privacy! With many new tracking apps to detect location of infected people, Apple wanted to further protect privacy of location.

    I am just reading iOS14/14.1 list of news:

    *With apps we are now sharing only approximate location, we are not sharing exact position.*

    In my opinion this must be it!

    I went outside, tried to turn on all possible settings (there is several new ones), but unfortunatelly I could not fix this problem. :(

    I will be happy to help more if you tell me, what to check or test further.




  6. 1 hour ago, Mr. D said:just to avoid misunderstandings: you've reinstalled the app from the app store, land capture doesn't work straight away, left the app running for a minute, fully closed it, reopened and the capture still doesn't work?

    Correct 99%. I have latest update from appstore. I did NOT reinstall game as it is latest version. Should I? But then yes, I was at home on wifi waiting minutes online. Turned APP off, restarted, tested outside of my house. Returned back, turned off and on my device, started device, started game, waited minutes online, tested outside during my walk. Not ok. Button is there, I can tap, purple circle appear, but land not captured. I understood that you cannot test iOS14 on your older device, but why not revert back latest change? This started week ago or so. Forgot scrolling problem, but withou land capture function this game is really over. There is no reason to turn it on. You will loose many iOS players who simply don’t discuss issues here on forum and stop playing without you even noticing... Only chance is, that this is problem of iOS14 in combination with only my device iPhone 7. Then less people will be affected.





  7. Sorry to report this, but on iOS it is still NOT working. I have automatic updates, but checked also manually appstore to get latest version. Waited minuses online, but nothing downloaded. Outside new land creation or upgrade existing one NOT working. Together with no-scrolling issue, game is over now for me, hoping temporarly only...

  8. One more input... maybe that can help to understand root cause. I am curious, how it is possible, that in the map screen, scrolling works just fine. But I understand that it is not really the scrolling in the menu, but it is movement within the map. What I am saying, my finger movement works in my device / game just fine...

  9. Thank you in advance. It is currently limiting my game play a lot, but I am not going to criticize, as I love last game improvements and new features so much, that this pain is compensated!

    Keep going and do something about that AI! I still don’t have to move too much, Force of terror is lazy group of strangers who do nothing, if I am at home. That nuclear factory next to my base is there for what, producing candies? They launched missile just once, month ago. As I don’t have other enemies around my town, my ass is fully depended on their activity. :) Cheers!

  10. Hi guys,

    Is it just me, or since last update scrolling in the screen up and down doesn’t work. If description is not clear, example perks screen, I can see only first two perks and cannot check the ones below by any way... 

    Thanks for checking this for me..

  11. Thanks. It works. I did not know that this button also cover collection of this resource next to the regular temporary sources. For the base buildings we ussualy use different window in “manage” tab of the base. No problem.

    So I collected my +1 supply (which btw is very low reward for such expensive building)...

    Hah, but suddenly I stop receiving personell from my beacon in Italian base. Why is that? Building is active for next 2 days.

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