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Found 2 results

  1. I have an ally that is not in either the discourd or present in the discussions and it would be nice if I could talk to him in game. I feel that adding a in game messaging system with allies “or possibly others” would add a new aspect such as asking for resources from a wealthy ally when in need, to help during war or plan to attacks together, and just general discussion. It should have a mute system if someone just spams and mabey a censor for the younger players and of course it could be changed as time passes.
  2. Part. 1 Nice to see allys Indept territorry Trading Techtree Willages witch gives personell or mabye willages gives population and you need another building like academy to get personell (makes trading more likely) Planes Tanks Transport truck Bombers, guns, food, artillery, special operations you get the point unions or defensive pact and make the game better at diplomatic stuff Rewardsystem like in battle cats Fix the facrory/source of money (they despawned a week after i caputured them) Indept attack Something to help the beginners in the game Millitary base Claim that kinda claim (Can be Seen as stripes) like territorry (mabye to show that you DON'T want people to take it) you DON'T get much from doing IT "plz dont make IT like a cirkle but more like an country" and how U caputure IT Can you decide "mark A place and send your army or something" Have your army in different gruops
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